Seal the Deal

Are you a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer or service professional like a therapist, accountant, or lawyer struggling with sales, marketing, and networking? Maybe it’s not comfortable for you or it doesn’t feel easy?

Are you great at what you do, but your revenues don’t reflect it yet, or haven’t yet grown to the level you expected? You know you’re making a difference with your clients, but you’re not seeing it in your bank account yet?

Are you yearning to figure out how to create more clients, more money, and more fulfillment in your business?

You can SEAL the DEAL!

Seal the Deal: The Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business

The book demystifies how successful coaches and consultants make money while making a difference…CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE PAPERBACK or see below for e-book, self-study program, online success kit and other versions.

The innovative, 10-Step Seal the Deal system reveals how to integrate the critical trinity of networking, marketing and sales to find and land the ideal clients who need your genius. Learn how to integrate these business building strategies while making a difference doing the work you love. This book includes worksheets, diagrams, checklists, and step-by-step instructions to Seal the Deal.

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In the video below, author Suzi Pomerantz introduces the book, Seal the Deal…

Seal the Deal makes marketing services simple. Learn the ten core steps in a proven process, including the Essential Mindsets for Selling Services and a road-tested system for how to simultaneously manage networking, marketing and sales to get the clients you want. Coaches, consultants, counselors, and self-employed professionals of any industry will find practical, proven, powerful strategies to build your business beyond bountiful.

Suzi Pomerantz takes a coach approach to sales and shows you how to:

  • Never make a cold call again
  • Build your business while billing time
  • Reframe how you think about sales and selling
  • Eliminate phone fear and fill your schedule with prospective clients
  • Handle objections at every stage of the sales process
  • Think about sales meetings as a chess match
  • Master networking so you can manage your relational assets
  • Ask for what you want
  • Track your progress and utilize the sales and service cycles synergistically
  • Integrate her proven selling system with your natural style and personality to take actions that feel comfortable and sustainable
  • Build your business your way
  • Take the mystery out of how to get the clients you want
  • Take the struggle out of selling your services to executives and organizations
  • Find the sweet spot where networking, marketing and sales intersect so you can successfully Seal the Deal!


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Find your Sweet Spot!

Learn where Marketing, Sales, and Networking Intersect for your Business!

SEAL THE DEAL BOOK (Digital Format)

 This is the fully formatted, 356 page best selling book in a digital format.

In this book, you’ll learn the distinctions between, and how to integrate networking, marketing, and sales to grow your professional services business!

Seal the Deal: The Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business demystifies how successful coaches make money while making a difference. The innovative, 10-Step Seal the Deal system reveals how to integrate the critical trinity of networking, marketing and sales to find and land the ideal clients who need your genius.

If you are a coach, consultant, or solopreneur who is great at what you do, but who has also been struggling with how to grow your valuable service business, we invite you to step behind the success curtain to learn the insider growth secrets that will get you booking clients and breathing easy. Each chapter starts with part of an actual transcript of a telecourse session. You’ll get to know the participants, their fears and successes and their experiences as they learn the same process you’ll be learning.

Learn how the top 1% of coaches, consultants and other professionals get it done (and how you can too) in leading coach, Suzi Pomerantz’s best selling book!

More than 15 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon.

Here’s what leaders you may know are saying –

Praise for Seal the Deal!

“Seal the Deal is a cogent, coherent and comprehensive approach to business development. Don’t miss it!” — Ken Blanchard, Co-author The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level

“Many great coaches and consultants have the dedication, education and experience needed to help others. They are just missing clients! Seal the Deal shows you how to solve this problem and helps you turn great talent into a great business. This is an important book!”
— Marshall Goldsmith, America’s pre-eminent execu- tive coach and author of 22 books on leadership.

“Seal the Deal, more than a traditional book, is a series of powerful coaching sessions dealing with a big breakdown that many excellent coaches and consultants face today: they don’t know how to sell their services to organizations. Suzi Pomerantz not only knows, she can also coach us so we can learn that critical ability.”
— Julio Olalla, President, Newfield Network, Inc.

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OR – buy the paperback by clicking here: I  prefer to read a real book, not digital!





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Overview of Seal the Deal

Why Buy From You?

No One is On the Bench


Navigational Elements of the System

Step 1 — Demystifying Selling: Distinguishing Networking, Marketing, and Sales

Telecourse Session #1: Your 30-Second Commercial

The Difference between Networking, Marketing and Sales

30-Second Commercial Basics

The 30-Second Commercial

Time Management

Losing Negative Baggage

Helping Professions and the Conflict With Sales

Worksheet:  Understanding your Mindsets

Partnership and Service:  Mental Positioning

Distinguishing Between Networking, Marketing, And Sales

Time Management:  The Accordion Effect

Worksheet:  Time Management

Worksheet:  Planning Your Week

Step 2 — The Sales Process, Targeting, Prospects, and Branding

Telecourse Session #2: The Sales Process and Introduction to Targeting

Fine-Tuning Your 30-Second Commercial

The Sales Process and the Bowtie Model

The Bowtie Model for Sales and Service

Defining Your Services

Sample: Definitions of Executive Coaching

Moments of Truth and the Service Cycle


Branding Worksheet:  Defining Your Brand

Targeting Worksheet:  Making Strategic Choices

Step 3 — Calling Prospects and Setting up the First Meeting

Telecourse Session #3: Moving Toward Your First Client Meeting

The Sales Process Revisited

Appointment-Setting Tips

Starting the Client Conversation

Phone Fear

Exercise: Guided Inquiry about Phone Fear

Making Calls to Set Appointments

Practice Script: Setting Appointments

Keeping a List

Tip Sheet: Appointment Setting

Worksheet: Prospect Contact Log

Step 4 — Handling Objections and Gatekeepers

Telecourse Session #4: Getting Appointments

Appointment Setting Results

Cold Calls, Phone Fear, and the Myth of Preparation

Dealing with Objections

Beyond Objections

Getting Past the Gatekeepers

Voice Mail Gatekeeping

Practice Script: Voice Mail Messaging

Handling Objections… The Beginning of the Chess Match

Tip Sheet: Typical Objections and Responses

Handling Rejection

Worksheet: Overcoming Objections

Keeping Track

Worksheet: Prospect Call Analysis

Step 5 — The Client Meeting As Chess Match

Telecourse Session #5: Into the Client Meeting

Experiences with Objections

The Power of Persistence

Leading Into the Client Meeting

Elements of Successful Client Meetings

Keeping Your Focus in a Client Meeting (Keep Your Head in  the Game)

Listening in the Client Meeting

Strategic Storytelling

Getting a Second Meeting

Checklist: Elements of Successful Client Meetings

Sample: Client Meeting Questions

Checklist: Client Meeting Reminders

Step 6 — Following Up and Tracking

Telecourse Session #6: Follow Up

Working Strategies for Follow Up

Follow Up Support Systems

Following Up and the Mind Games We Play

Tracking Your Progress

Step 7 — Proposals, Pricing, and Contracting

Sample: Coaching Proposal Cover Letter

Sample: Coaching Proposal

Telecourse Session #7: Dialogue on Proposals

The Offer

About Fees, Value, and Giving Work Away

Proposal Basics

Proposal Formats

The Purpose of Proposals

Proposal Models


Shifting the Money Conversation

Asking for What You Want

Contracting and Setting up an Engagement

Sample: Coaching Agreement

Sample: Individual Coaching Agreement

Coaching ROI Resources

Step 8 — Networking

Telecourse Session #8: Expanding the Sale and Using Your Network

Ways to Expand the Sale

Ongoing Networking

Networking Mindsets

Networking Vehicle: Informational Interviews

What Is Networking?

Nine Mindsets of Networking

Checklist: Networking Actions

Step 9 — Expanding the Sale While Serving the Client

Telecourse Session #9: Getting New Business from Clients

A Glance Back: Networking, Marketing, and Prospecting

The Lessons Learned Meeting

Damage Control and Handling Critical Feedback

Building Business While Billing Time

Handling Yourself in a Lessons Learned Meeting

Checklist: Lessons Learned Meeting Discussion Points

Initiating New Sales Conversations

Step10 — Building Business and the Art of Referrals

Telecourse Session #10: Referral Relationships

Great Lessons Learned Questions

Leveraging Referrals

Referrals 1-2-3

Referral Guidelines

Checklist: 4 Keys of Referrals

Integrating it All

Getting in Action

Worksheet:  Personal Action Plan

Template: Personal Strategic Business Development Action Plann

Worksheet: My Personal Strategic Business Development Action

Plan in three distinct domains:  Networking, Marketing, and Sales

Worksheet: My Individual Selling System

Mental Positioning: Critical Mindsets for Success in Sales

Final Thoughts and Next Steps





Daily Chafes

Fake It

Persistence and Resilience

You’re Only As Good As Your Weakest Link

Play Big

Mailbox Money

How Big Is Big Enough?

Harness the Sales Process

Onward . . .

More Homework

Recommended Reading

About the Author

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