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    I attended UTDallas’ “Expert Forum” last week when you presented on “What it Takes to Seal the Deal.”

    I wanted to let you know how very helpful and motivating your presentation was and to thank you for taking your time to present to us! I have visited your website and look forward to watching your videos and signing up for your products.

    Again, thank you for an outstanding presentation!

    Warmest Regards,

    Nila Jennings

    Thank you so much, Nila! It was a fun and lively group, wasn’t it? Thanks for checking out the site and feel free to keep in touch if I can be of help as you go forth and seal those deals. 🙂

    Hi Suzi,

    I was given your name & contact info by Anne Mazonson. I am interested in 1:1 coaching sessions. I am VP, Chief IP Counsel at my [biotech] company and am interested in a blend of effectiveness/leadership coaching and some tips on dealing with 2 related personal issues. Are you able to accomodate me as a new client? FYI I live in Potomac, work in Rockville. Looking forward to your response.

    Hi! I’m contacting you in regards to your podcast.
    My name is Erik Luhrs. I am known as “The Bruce Lee of Sales.” I am the creator of The GURUS Selling System and the author of BE DO SALE. I am also the world’s only expert on Front-Loaded Lead Generation, Persona-Positioning, and Lead Generation Message Linguistics.
    I would love to be a guest on your podcast to talk about Front-Loaded Lead Generation. Through my research and work with clients I have found that 90% of sales related challenges can be overcome simply by fully leveraging the lead generation moment. Basically, you can fill your pipeline, cut your sales cycle in half and double your conversion rate just by changing a few items in your initial lead generation methodology.
    If you’d like to discuss having me on your podcast, please contact me.
    Thank you for your time.
    -Erik Luhrs

    Thanks, Erik! Please email me your full bio and a review copy of your book so I can determine if your content would be helpful to my network. Thanks for reaching out!

    Oksana Glukhovskikh

    Hi, Suzi. I came across you on YouTube as I was researching informational interviews, which lead me to your website and the Library of Professional Coaching. I think those are great resources; I’ve watched a number of your videos and read several articles. After watching one of your videos, I’ve signed up for Twitter and LinkedIn. I have a similar background – after earning my BA in Education, I decided to see what else was out there and have been part of the business world for the past 8+ years. My goal now is to put informational interviews into practice to better shape my career. Thanks for making those resources available! 🙂


    Hi, Oksana! Welcome, and thanks so much for connecting! I’d love to learn more about you and your work!

    Hi Suzi,
    First off, great content on your site. I am writing because I was reading your article on Chris Brogan as research for my interview with him. I was realizing that you would be an excellent gues for our new podcast “Make Content Profitable” where we teach folks how to use their existing knowledge to educate and empower others while making a living in the process.

    Is this something you would consider?


    Thanks, Keith. I appreciate your invitation and if you could email me information about your podcast and the guest requirements, we can further explore if it makes sense for me to participate. Have a great chat with Chris! He’s wonderful!


    I was just dropping in a quick line to know, if I could send some great article ideas your way for a guest post at your website ?

    If you like my suggested ideas, I can then provide you high-quality FREE CONTENT/ARTICLE. In return, I would expect just a favor of a backlink from within the main body of the article.

    Do let me know if I can interest you with some great topic ideas?

    Best Regards,

    Rachel Stinson

    Hi Suzi, We have been listening to your podcast, Innovative Influence with Suzi Pomerantz, and find it inspiring and motivating!

    Best regards,

    Leave a comment