Raves for Suz

As an executive coach…

“Working with Suzi has been incredible. Over the time we’ve worked together my business revenues have increased nearly 300%. Suzi was a big part of keeping me focused on the right opportunities to make that a reality!” ~Bill Burtch, SPHR, President, Harmony Coaching & Consulting

“Suzi is a superb executive coach and facilitator. She receives only the highest ratings from clients who appreciate her competence, integrity and ability to advance their areas of focus to drive excellent results. Suzi brings out the best in everyone she coaches and I highly recommend her for your future coaching needs. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”  — Merry Marcus, President of Break Through Consulting

“Suzi is a true professional who brings energy and possibility to all her interactions. She is a deeply appreciated presence in the executive coaching community.” —Karlin Sloan, CEO, Karlin Sloan & Company

“Suzi is an experienced entrepreneur with industry-changing vision, and, in my experience and by all accounts, a world-class executive coach whose talents include extraordinary insight and empathy.” – Bill Carrier, CEO of Carrier Coaching

“Suzi’s passion for coaching, drive for success and expansion, degree of professionalism and ethics, and general enthusiasm for the things she is interested in, are wrapped in a smooth envelope of gentleness, generosity as well as humility. You would never know, at first glance, that Suzi is a killer business woman, an astounding and ferocious executive coach, and an expert at marketing and selling. I warmly recommend Suzi!” — Pascale Brady, Founder and CEO, Global Life Coaching LLC

As a coach and colleague, Suzi is generous and helpful both on a personal and a professional level, in my experience. I welcome further opportunities to collaborate with her and recommend her to others. First, I recommend you get the book and then call Suzi!” Hannah S. Wilder, PhD, MCC, Leadership Developer, President and CEO, Advantara Global Executive Coaching and Coach Training Institute

“Suzi has focus, high energy and enthusiasm in her role as coach/mentor. Suzi’s professionalism, empathy and insight is quite impressive. I would highly recommend Suzi Pomerantz to anyone who would like to become more focused, use their time more efficiently and see their visions come to pass.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity   —Kadena Tate-Simon,ABR,GRI

“Suzi is one of the most talented, caring and dedicated executive coaching practitioners I know. Any executive or entrepreneur seeking to step up to the next level of success would be lucky to work with her! Her integrity and experience are unparalleled. She is just a great human being.” —David Utts, CEO, Executive Skillworks, Inc.

“I have known Suzi for years. We have worked together on the Executive Coaching Summit Planning Committee for 2 years and have gotten to know each other personally and professionally. We collaborated to deliver Leadership University training to managers through my company. Suzi is smart, energetic, and passionate about leadership development.” —Wendy Capland, CEO of VisionQuest Consulting

“Suzi is brilliant! She has coached/facilitated my team to help us articulate and achieve our vision. I can’t say enough about her insight and ability to help us get that long-sought-after clarity. The added bonus in working with Suzi is the “fun factor!” This does not mean, however, she’s not rigorous. She knows when, where and how to chase the energy, and for that, we’re SO appreciative.” — Jeffrey Ward, Northward Leadership

“Suzi is a remarkable colleague: competent, creative, resourceful and humane. We have collaborated on many business and pro-bono projects, and I am impressed with her generous and passionate engagement.” –-Agnes Mura, Owner, Agnes Mura, Inc.

“Suzi Pomerantz is an extraordinary Executive Coach of high energy and creativity. I have been fortunate in partnering with her as she coached and taught others. She is a subject matter expert on business development for Executives and Professionals on how to become a real rainmaker. Bottom line: Suzi gives great ROI. Why? She consistently shows clients how to win business!”  —Jeremy Robinson, Blackbird Leadership

“Suzi is an awesome colleague and a high-powered, intelligent, and experienced executive coach.” —Ken Kesslin, Kesslin Associates

“Suzi has been a treasured and reliable resource to me for over ten years. When I approach her for assistance she is unfailingly responsive and generous. Suzi seems to know me thoroughly and is entirely frank in her feedback.” —Tony Mayo, Vistage
“Suzi is terrific. A real winner.” —Darryl Salerno, Second Quandrant

“Suzi is a skilled executive coach, excellent researcher and experienced management consultant. I’ve worked with her on several projects and found her contributions to be invaluable.”–Cindy Roman, Strategic Performance Group

“Suzi is a great coach. she has the ability to read her audience and adjust her style and content. she is extremely ethical and her word is a full proof contract. She coached in my program at the Darden business school and her coachees raved. I would recommend her in a heartbeat” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity —Kaveh Naficy, Philosophy IB

Suzi is one of the most talented coaches/trainers I know. I have personally worked with her and seen first hand how quickly she can get to the source of a clients challenges and coach them to success in a very short time frame. Suzi demonstrates a high level of integrity in her work and it is evident from the many people that request her services. You will not find a better professional to work with and will be very happy with your ROI. — Sandor Kovacs, Run Rhino

Suzi is one of the preeminent leaders in the coaching field. — Wayne Caskey

Suzi’s skill in bringing together individuals to build a cohesive, united team is formidable. She dares to ask the hard questions and provides real-world solutions. — Bonnie Coffey

Suzi is a fantastically gifted coach and author. She works skillfully with executives, teams, and colleagues. Her insights are powerful and in sharing them she provokes more critical thinking in those around her. If you have the chance to work with Suzi, in any capacity, do so! — Lisa Nabors, Strategic Performance Group

Suzi is an energetic, highly-skilled, and very “integritous” professional coach and organizer. An asset in any situation. — Linda Page, Adler School of Professional Coaching

Suzi is the consumate professional who demonstrates the highest in ethics, intelligence and passion in the pursuit and execution of her work. — Chaya Kundra, Kundra Tax Law

Suzi is an amazing coach. If you have an opportunity to work with her, jump in with both feet. It’ll be the best choice you’ve ever made! — Donna Karlin, ShadowCoach

Suzi is a great coach, who has personally helped me. I would trust her to coach anyone I know and love. —Steve Gladis, Steve Gladis Communications

“As an executive coach and leadership consultant, Suzi Pomerantz is a dynamic, energizing, candid and profoundly effective force for development and results.  Her experience and insightfulness, combined with her passion and intelligence creates not just a space for deepening understanding and expanding capability, but a vortex where you are compelled to step up to your full potential.” —Steve Lishansky, Senior Partner,Koanetic Consulting/ The Executive Coaching Institute

“We have hired Suzi Pomerantz to address individual issues for senior executives, to help them grow and leverage their strengths, while learning to overcome real and perceived weaknesses. We have also hired her for firm-wide strategic planning. She succeeds every time, because she listens, builds trust, and diplomatically confronts the difficult issues directly. Excellence is not judged by the glitter but by the results. Suzi gets results.” —Richard S. Levick, Esq. President & CEO, Levick Strategic Communications, LLC

“Suzi Pomeranz is a dedicated, highly-competent, and professional executive coach.  She came all the way from the East Coast to counsel our small rural law firm in California.  Her services greatly enhanced communication between the owners of the firm and between and among staff as well.  At all times she was responsive, sensitive, and insightful.  I intend to seek her services as issues arise in the context of our business in the future, and I recommend her services to others without reservation.” —James D. Poovey, Esq., Managing Partner, Davis & Poovey, Inc.

“Suzi’s insight, methods of engagement and ability to bring out the best in everyone she coaches truly distinguishes her in the consultant world. She has been instrumental in promoting synergy within our Legal teams and developing our legal personnel, some of whom have been risk adverse and very resistant to any proposed change.  I would not hesitate, and would, indeed, encourage you, to contract Suzi for any proposed project.”  —Thomas L. Sager, Esq., Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Chief Counsel of Litigation. DuPont

“We looked to Suzi Pomerantz to work with our leaders at a critical time during the transition of management in our firm. Suzi brought thoroughness, insight, a clarity of thought and creativity to bear in helping us chart a course through a situation that was fraught with pitfalls. We are exceedingly pleased with both the outcome and the advice and counsel we received from her.”    —Mark Long, Esq., Managing Partner, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, P.C.

“My consultations with Suzi Pomerantz helped me greatly in organizing professional presentations and planning important law department meetings.  I highly recommend her.” —Jim Shomper, Esq.,Manager of Law Firm Partnering, DuPont Legal

“Suzi Pomerantz is a real leader in the field of organizational and executive coaching. She brings not only extensive experience to the field, but also a richly-informed and deeply-felt dedication to the advancement of this field and to the welfare of the men and women who are fortunate enough to be coached by her.” —William H. Bergquist, Ph.D., President, Professional School of Psychology

“Suzi Pomerantz cuts through the nonsense and provides the practical advice that today’s senior executives need so much. With a friendly and trusting style, Suzi has the instant ability to read a person and their situation – and then create a relationship that enables a successful solution.” —Michael W. Robinson, Senior Vice President, Levick Strategic Communications

“I, for one, will always remember the positive coaching Suzi gave me when I was fearful of quitting the ‘high-paid law firm job.’ Life is so much better now.  Nice colleagues, great clients and control over my time and destiny.  Thank you!” —Linda Dickey, Integrated Technologies Management

“It has been our happy experience to work with Suzi Pomerantz. During a potentially problematic period of personnel changes, Suzi had an uncanny ability immediately to grasp the nature of our staff and their individual needs.  Her guidance in helping us find and use the tools to ensure good group dynamics allowed us to overcome our difficulties and to function as an organic whole, where everyone can reach their potential and interact effectively. This has been a priceless contribution to our operation.”  —Bethany Portner, ASID, President, Portner Design Group, Inc.

“Suzi provided personal executive coaching for me as I rose from Property Manager to the position of President of Adler Financial Group, a family-owned business.   This coaching has been invaluable to me over the years as a leader in a family company facing issues with transitioning decision-makers and business opportunities.  I recommend Suzi for executives on the move wishing to accelerate their momentum and progress in both their business and personal goals.”   —Shawn Adler, President, Adler Financial Group

“A highly effective coach geared to make your business successful.  Definitely powerful.” —Lawrence Bruch, President, Infopro

“Thank you so much.  Your coaching was very effective.  You continue to be a tremendous contribution to our business.” —Dan Adler, VP and Partner, Adler Financial Group

“Thanks for all your help with our board.  I greatly appreciate your talents and I thank you for getting us off to a great year.” —Michael Campbell, President, Legal Marketing Association

Sometimes we meet someone in our lives that we connect with immediately, and Suzi is that person.  Suzi is bright, inquisitive, creative, thoughtful, a big picture thinker and a doer at the same time. If you need something done call Suzi, she’ll get it done.  If you need someone to strategize with, help you think bigger than you are, call Suzi.  What Suzi has accomplished in her life is amazing, and a true testament to who she is and how she thinks.  Wherever she puts her attention turns into success.  Whether you need an executive coach, a facilitator, a speaker, an organizer or simply a committed friend, call Suzi.  You will never be disappointed. –-Linda Finkle, CEO,Incedo Group

As my coach, Suzi is a master. She listens reflectively. She clarifies. She responds not with opinions or sermons but rather with insightful, probing questions and suggestions. She can immediately focus my attention on the crux of my problem/challenge and lead me to a menu of options providing needed results.She provides immediate feedback without compromise to her values. Her listening skills are her greatest strength. She is a woman of complete honesty and integrity. Open to other opinions without compromise to her belief system. She is truly skilled. Her concern is for the fulfillment/legacy of those she coaches. I have truly grown tremendously under her mentoring. Suzi led me to a healthy self-analysis of my strengths/weaknesses. Her probing questioning has focused my attention on truly pertinent areas in my life/vocation. Without judgment she challenges me to dissect the issue, generate options and establish a concrete, proactive response to challenges. Her ability to reflectively listen, clarify and then restate my challenges has been of the greatest help. Suzi’s “gentle good humor” serves her well! —Bob Bookman, President, INSIGHTMirror360™

“Suzi, took me through a journey that exceeded my expectations. Together we analyzed and unraveled issues behind behaviour that has plagued me throughout my professional and personal life. We executed an action plan that produced noticeable and concrete results. I know what I need to do to move forward and move beyond the behaviour that has hurt me in the past. Suzi deserves great credit for this result.”– S.P., Executive at a global management consulting firm
“I was introduced to Suzi by a partner in my firm who had a favorable prior working experience with Suzi.  My partner thought that Suzi could be a great help to me in preparing for several public events, including televised appearances, where I would be representing our firm, and where I would be required to act as a master of ceremonies or in another speaking leadership capacity.  I worked with Suzi for more that a year to prepare for my various roles.  Suzi was incredibly valuable to me in understanding preparation techniques, executive presence, delivery, messaging, content, and innumerable pointers which made my participation in these events vastly more effective than would have been the case without her assistance. I continue to work with Suzi, and value her judgment and insights on a wide variety of business matters.  Suzi is what I would describe as a “coaching athlete”, someone who is not limited to single issue coaching competency.  Rather, Suzi is someone who is credible in a broad variety of areas.  She is I look to as my trusted business adviser.  Suzi is a fantastic coach and one whom I continue to recommend to others.” — Partner, at one of The Big Four accounting/audit firms

A true leader inspires others to greatness. A great coach enables leaders to get to the route of their inspirational power, harness it, and strive forward. My journey with Suzi was itself inspirational. The milestones along the way included seizing my power, finding my voice, and making a difference. Suzi connects to the professional woman in a man’s world, enabling her student to look inside themselves for the answers that were always there. She drives, guides, and listens. Suzi is not quick with an answer, but rather a probative question, that when answered builds accountability and ownership in the result. — J.C., Esq., Executive, at a global management consulting firm

Your razor sharp insightfulness helped cut through the chaos and pinpoint a clear path for me to take. Thank you. –-Ellen Cohan, entrepreneur, Ellen Cohan Photography

Suzi has helped me tremendously in the brief time we have worked together. From the first session and the questions she asked and the observations she made, I have been able chart a course and goal for my career and even beyond. Because of my work with Suzi, I have begun looking at my career in a totally different context than before. She identified strengths in me that even I never realized I had, and I am putting those to use. Finally, Suzi has helped me understand how my career-style actually enables me to see beyond the boundaries of typical work settings and traditional hierarchical leadership that fits extremely well with my intuition and desire to push through those old boundaries. In just a few short weeks, she has helped me grow personally and professionally in what would normally be a several year process. —John C. Costopoulos, Vice President of Public Affairs, Goodwill Industries International, Inc., Member Services Center

Suzi lives her value of being of service and great help to others. This makes her an “extra-ordinary” coach – with so many coaches available, I recommend the coach of coaches, Suzi Pomerantz. —Tom Finn, Lifeline Consulting, author of Are You Clueless?

Extremely professional, incredibly insightful, and a consummate team player! –Judith Glaser, Benchmark Communications, author of CreatingWe.

Suzi is a pioneer in the field of coaching. What she offers to emerging and arrived coaches is a clear path to self marketing, with integrity, in a field that is unregulated but in need of standards of excellence. Suzi “does the work” to bring excellence to the field of coaching. She serves on boards that promote coaching in organizations, and in the field of everyday practice. She offers inspiration to other coaches and is generous and inspiring with her offer. I am honored to hold her as a colleague. —Dorothy. E. Siminovitch, Ph.D, MCC , Eurasian Gestalt Coaching Program Chair & Director of Training

Our conversations penetrated into the way in which I’ve subtley re-tooled my approach to so many different things that it was a difficult exercise to isolate them into bullet points! Suzi is a gifted listener in that she is able to listen on multiple levels and to synthesize disparate thoughts into a cohesive, meaningful whole. Suzi helped me through a transitional period in my life in which I had an overwhelming number of factors to coordinate. Through our conversations, I was able to address each piece of the puzzle one by one, all the while keeping my eye on how each fit into the bigger picture.
My talks with Suzi…
• were helpful in a strategic, logistical way as well as on a much deeper level
• helped me identify manageable steps towards my goals
• helped me notice patterns in my thinking and suggested alternatives that might serve me better
• helped me with my professional communication skills
• allowed me to see many more possibilities for thought and action
• overhauled the way I approach challenges by changing the kind of questions I ask

— Kate Nichols, Nanotechnology Artist, KateNicholsStudio
Suzi is an exceptional executive coach! —Cathy Lange, BusinessWorks of America

You rarely meet someone as exceptional as Suzi Pomerantz. I am consistently impressed with her coaching and speaking ability, business savvy and generosity. Suzi is one in a million. If you are looking to take things to the next level, Suzi will deliver. You will also feel compelled to share her with others, just as I have. Connect with her, bring her into your organization and witness the magic. — Steve Dorfman, DrivenToExcel

Suzi is smart, dynamic and passionate about what she does. That is obvious from the book she has written. But what makes her a great coach, speaker and a leader is, I believe, the innate wisdom she brings by just showing up. She is a terrific person to get to know and be connected with! –Bhavesh Naik, Ambica Training

Suzi is a dynamo. She is passionate about her work and it shows. A natural leader and presenter. I have had the pleasure to both work with her and be in the presence of her facilitation. She is a well respected member of the executive coaching community. –Matthew Rochte

“I have worked with Suzi on two occasions and in both found tremendous value in the coaching she provided. I have become a more successful coach, both in the quality of my coaching and the financial results of my business through my work with Suzi. Her no nonsense, supportive approach has worked wonders in giving me the kick in the pants I need to get out of my comfort zone. I would highly recommend Suzi!” — Bill Burtch, CEO Harmony Coaching and Consulting LLC

“Suzi is a dynamic font of wisdom in the realms of coaching and marketing and selling services. Her boundless enthusiasm and philosophy of service, as well as her persistence, make her a valued asset for her cleints and her profession.” Fred Mael, PhD. , Principal , Mael Consulting & Coaching

“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hire Suzi as my Executive Coach. Her guidance and support has helped me continue to evolve as a leader. Suzi is personable and helps me work through my leadership challenges with an unbiased ear. She has worked to coach and support me through difficult times and management issues as well as to support the professional ‘wins’ over the past year. I look forward to her continued guidance in my personal and professional growth.” Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High Integrity–Kimberly Diaz, Senior Director, MedImmune

“Suzi is a warm, compassionate individual – vibrant, intelligent, learned. Suzi brings her skills, passions and knowledge to her books, her practice and her life. Suzi Pomerantz has tapped into many people’s potential and brought them out in a way that few can. She is a blessing to all around her; her clients, friends and family.” Maxine Karchie Zdebiak , Manager, Sales, Training & Fulfillment , Hazard Alert Training Inc. (Hatscan)
“Suzi is an out of the box thinker when it comes to marketing for my life coaching practice. She is very intuitive and sees the big picture. Her book, “Seal the Deal” is also very informative with the delineation of Networking, Marketing and Sales. She has made the whole process much more fun.” Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative– Martin Wenger, Personal Coach

As a speaker/facilitator….

“As I mentioned at the end of your workshop, I feel a renewed sense of energy around my perspective and motivations in the sales/marketing/networking domains. Your style of presentation, the practicality of your message, and the tangibility of the resources you provided were all on the mark and beneficial for me. I can also share that in my follow-up conversations with other participants, they were all equally impressed with your manner, tone, and message. Again, many thanks to you!” — Ann Johnston, Optimal Development Partners, LLC www.optimaldpllc.com

“What I particularly liked about this workshop was Suzi’s style.  She obviously knows what she’s talking about but doesn’t force-feed the information.  She lets you know that selling doesn’t have to have negative vibes – that it can be done gently, graciously and systematically.  I can’t wait to go out – with intention (I’ve learned that it’s more than luck) – talk to prospects and “seal the deal”!”–Susanna Liller

I just attended Suzi Pomerantz’s Seal the Deal workshop and found it to be excellent.  The material was relevant and riveting and presented in a very engaging way.  Suzi is a gifted leader who has a deep command of her subject matter.  —Bill Lindberg, The Ash Grove Group
Thank you so much! That was a great class. Your delivery was warm, welcoming, knowledgable and insightful, and you got lots of interaction. Wow. I am hugely grateful. Call me whenever you come to Denver.  All the best, Bill Grout (DCF Program Chair)
I’m the president-elect of DCF, and I was on the call today.  Thank you for doing a wonderful job. Nice framework for thinking about Business Development. Handout is really a thought-provoking mini-workbook.  I found myself agreeing with all of your perspectives. One quick look at your three areas of Business Development shows that my weakness is in sales.  I do Networking and Marketing well.  So thank you so much for helping to highlight that for me.  I know now where to leverage my personal development and time. Thanks again for a lucid presentation.  I’m sure everyone received great value out of the call and came away with a most favorable impression of you and your knowledge and skills.  I certainly did. Thanks again. — Michael Cushman
“Suzi’s coaching and teachings are poignant and incredibly informative as well as practical. Her sales and marketing course have directly impacted my business and I’ve recommended her to many people and will continue to do so. She is bright, tuned in and has a wealth of knowledge she is excited to offer.” — Suzanne Levy

“Suzi’s Seal The Deal course was exceptional and regardless of where you are in your business development, you could benefit from working with Suzi. She is an exceptional coach who has been in the ring and she coaches with a well-tuned ear.” —Mark Cappellino

Suzi is a phenomenal leader, business owner and resource to a myriad of other professionals! Her book, Seal the Deal and her other teleseminars and podcasts have helped me to grow my business! I’m thankful for her many contributions.  —Tya Bolton

Suzi is absolute dynamite. If you’re looking for some sound advice on how to grow your business you need to check out her strategies and her advice. As a professional coach she has in a very short time earned some serious respect from her peers in the industry. She can show you how to avoid some major pitfalls and mistakes that are typically made in networking, marketing and selling your business services. — Jim Weston

Just a brief connection to say a big thank you for your generous contribution to our ACTO meeting. There were rave reviews on your presentation and on you. I appreciate you and your generous spirit.  —Marlyn Young, Treasurer, Board of Directors, Association for Coach Training Organizations

“Thank you so much for serving as an excellent speaker at our Executive Coaching Ideas to Dialogue Session.You represented the coaching profession well!Your insight and perspective – and willingness to share—is greatly appreciated.Good to work with you.” —Susan Sanow, Director of Programs, Center for Nonprofit Advancement

“After six months of collaboration with you in organizing, building, and training our sales force, I want to let you know that you have far surpassed my expectations.  My hope was that you would simply provide systematic training for our salespeople…for many years a missing element in FTI’s culture.  But, beyond training, you have become valued contributors in every aspect of our division’s sales strategy.  I rely on you constantly for developmental and management counsel.  At this early stage, we can already see the benefits of your work in our increased activity levels; clarity of mission; and healthier dialog.  I am confident that we will soon recognize a steady increase in revenue attributable to an effective sales program.  Thank you.”–Brian Bowdren,Vice President of Sales,FTI Consulting, Inc. Litigation Services

“I have attended several conferences and meetings planned and facilitated by Suzi Pomerantz.  They are always imaginative, inspiring, meaningful, and fun.  Suzi is extremely talented in creating and designing interactive group sessions that are meaningful from a professional and business perspective and at the same time motivate and inspire the audience.”   —Lisa M. Passante, Esq.,Senior Counsel,DuPont

The course was full of rich, practical content, which I was able to put to immediate use in my sales efforts. Everyone brought different experience and backgrounds to the table, and we learned a great deal from each other about how we each implemented our learnings from the course. I was able to see immediate improvement in results after making use of things I learned from Suzi. —Derek Steinbrenner, Consultant, Cambria Consulting

“As I thought about the many ways the coaching, the ways of holding and speaking life you all have introduced me to and taught me about, there is one incident that stood out.  It was months after a three-day workshop on coaching with the entire staff of FTI, that a young woman, who had been an outspokenly reluctant participant, came to me.  She said, “Dan, as you know I was very hesitant about bringing this kind of work into the workplace.  But I must tell you it not only has changed my life at work, what I learned there has saved my marriage.  Instead of repeating the same sad things my husband and I have been saying to each other, I was able to rise above my petty feelings, and hold our relationship in a new way.  Without the coaching training we would be divorced.”  Not only did it save her marriage, she went from a dead-end secretarial job to become one of our top project managers… that wouldn’t have happened without the work you all brought to us.”   —Daniel W. Luczak, Former Chairman, FTI Corporation

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet you and hear you speak at the Fearless Living Retreat last weekend.  I just have to tell you how incredible I found your presentation.  You made things so simple and digestible and your warm personality was so welcoming.  Thank you for taking the time to speak at the Retreat. And I am so enjoying your book.  You have really inspired me to SEAL THE DEAL! —Jessica Storch, MA

“I just wanted to let you know the Twitter for Coaches session was one of THE BEST teleclasses about social media I’ve attended. Suzi struck the perfect balance between mindset and practical how-tos.  I was truly inspired.” — Lois Albrecht, CPCC

“Thank you for such delightful classes! I can not adequately tell you how wonderful your honesty and openness have been for me. Your style of teaching and professional beliefs are so refreshing in this slick, template-laden world of marketing we MBAs have built.  I have your book now and look forward to putting in place your thoughts about “gifts,” relationships, and being a source of help to others. Thank you for restoring my passion in doing nothing unless it is FUN!!” — Sarah E. Minnis

“Suzi presented a fantastic, content-rich session at our Capitol Creativity Network event. She was professional, warm, friendly, fun, generous and really knows her stuff! The group was engaged and felt they got great information. In fact, because of the success of this event, I have asked her to participate in a conference I am putting on later this year.” Michelle James, CEO , The Center for Creative Emergence

“In working with our national association, Suzi provided suggestions and insight into our challenges. In conducting strategic planning, she brought our diverse board together to recognize differences and ways to resolve them. Her pre-planning was thorough and professional and her delivery was personable.” Top qualities: Personable , On Time , High Integrity–Bonnie Coffey

I just wanted to thank you for two very informative, and energizing, classes.  Your book has been ordered and will, hopefully, arrive very soon – so that I can glean additional insight and help move my sales and marketing efforts forward.  The takeaways from your sessions were many and motivating; my mindset has altered – the whole marketing and sales process is far less daunting…and more fun! ~Marian Fetter

“Thank you so much for your presentation today. I was so inspired by you and your words of wisdom. You really energized me and I’m very excited about the future of my business. Thank you” ~ Katherine Virdi, SPHR, Coaching Presence

“Excellent presentation! Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday, and I learned a ton.  It was more than worth the travel from Annapolis – possibly one of the best ‘lunch/dinner meeting’ sessions I’ve ever attended . . . including all my years going to legal and HR-related stuff.  Wow.” ~Mary Miller

“Congrats on a great talk today!  You know your stuff! Thanks for all the tips and thoughts about the mindset shift.” ~Curt Buermeyer, PhD 

“You hit the ball out of the park! Just wanted to congratulate you on delivering a superb presentation yesterday at ICF Metro DC. Obviously there is a great hunger for assistance in networking, marketing and selling.  I am on the program committee and we will use your presentation as the benchmark for choosing other topics and speakers. You set the bar high!”  ~Kari Uman

“Thank you. Your presentation was particularly useful in helping me unpack my barriers to selling my service and getting more comfortable with setting a fee for service.” ~ Lynne Adrine

“Thank you for the great seminar.  I learned a lot and it really helped shift my frame of mind from sales being “icky” and thinking about how I can be in service to others.  I also appreciated your comments about parenting – and choosing to communicate with love, respect, understanding and patience.  And you have inspired me to think about how I can integrate my coaching more while being a parent – as I love my balance. You give me hope and inspiration that I can do more!” ~ Kelli Kolling

As a Networker…

Suzi demonstrates a high level of honesty and integrity and is an excellent social networker! –William E. Lewis Jr.

“If you have an opportunity to work with Suzi, I would highly recommend it. While in the process of delivering a time-sensitive marketing engagement to a large client I reached out to Suzi for access to several of her colleagues who I thought could generate mutual benefit from an introduction to my client. Suzi was quickly in touch with several of her contacts to communicate the opportunity and determine their level of interest, then set up the mutual introduction. Each step was handled quite professionally. And I felt that I was Suzi’s highest priority with the quality of support & the level of effort she provided.” –Jed Fleming, Vice President, I.T. Business Development,  MarketACCEL, Inc.

“Suzi Pomerantz and I work together for the ICCO. When I met Suzi, she was the founding Vice President of ICCO, a position she held for 4 years, and I served as a board member. Suzi’s intelligence, energy, passion, enthusiasm and perseverence contributed greatly to the success of building the ICCO. The board awarded Suzi with the Suzi Pomerantz Stewardship Award for her modeling the qualities and characteristics of selflessness and stewardship which ICCO hopes to inspire in its membership and the organizations it serves. Suzi now serves on the Advisory Board of the ICCO, a position for which the board calls on her regularly for input from strategic issues to technology to tactical planning. Suzi has ideas for all! I am honored to know Suzi and recommend her to others as a coach, speaker, facilitator, and innovator.” — Vicki Foley, Current President, ICCO and SVP, Lee Hecht Harrison

“With an exuberant personal presence and a keen sense for understanding what drives professionals to achieve excellence, Suzi has a unique ability to integrate leadership with business development. Her deep experience coaching top executives has garnered high praise from clients. Moreover she is a true connector of others and is a go-giver in the highest sense. Always innovative, always giving back, yet always leading the pack…this is quintessential Suzi!” Shira Harrington, Director, Professional Search , Positions Inc.

“Suzi Pomerantz is one of the most inspiring, creative and competent people I have had the pleasure of working with. She is an Executive Coach and so much more. She operates with cutting edge skills at the intersection of leadership, marketing and sales, and high-impact communications that take full advantage of the very latest in social networking technology. Want to learn how best to use Twitter to advance what you care about? Talk to Suzi. Want to turn ideas into revenue. Talk to Suzi. Want to attract a full book of your dream clients and delight them with your services? Talk to Suzi. You get the point.” –Don Arnoudse, Personal and Executive Coach , The2ndHalf

“There are so many fabulous things I can tell you about Suzi and her work that I’m not even sure where to start. Suzi is masterful, precise and really on top of her game with the variety of training and tools she makes readily available on her site. Whether you’re looking for a business coach, tips on sealing the deal, a social media / networking guru, or simply service resources, you definitely want to connect with Suzi to benefit from her expertise. She’s definitely on my “A” list and will remain there forever. I highly recommend Suzi’s services.” Tya Bolton , Owner , Exceptional Business Solutions

“Suzi is a thought leader in the coaching world, teaching coaches how to grow their businesses by cultivating the skills of leadership, inner and outer.” — Jon Ward, Brandwithin.com