Transform Your Organization’s Leadership to Accelerate Impact and Results

Is your business at risk?

If your organization has received negative employee survey results, you may need a quick culture adjustment or fast leadership shift.

Do you have critical projects that need to succeed?  What are your strategic initiatives that cannot fail?

Leaders today need to retool on the run.

Is your leadership sufficient to deliver on those projects and initiatives in the current way of operating?

You need an easy and powerful enterprise-wide coaching system for your organization (like our custom designed, turn-key coaching program that costs 1/10th of what it would cost to provide 1:1 executive coaching for all your leaders for a year).

Does your leadership need a reboot?

LEAP is your secret weapon to deploy leaders with the right skills, mindsets, and tools to deal with today’s VUCA* environments.

Now more than ever, leaders are dealing with complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty in a fast and volatile global marketplace with no time for strategic retooling or leadership development.

Now there is a revolutionary system that allows you to upgrade the top 3 tiers of leadership simultaneously and fast.

The Leadership Excellence & Alignment Program (LEAP) Tiered Coaching is a coordinated, customized group and team and executive coaching solution for the top three tiers of leadership in any organization. LEAP prepares today’s leaders to better solve today’s more complex problems.

Are you ready to accelerate your leaders’ impact and results?

LEAP is a leadership development system that will quickly lift the performance of your top three tiers of executive management, simultaneously, at a fraction of the cost of standard executive coaching programs.  What else could possibly have a similar impact on your business so quickly?

Leader clients rave:

Leadership Excellence & Alignment Program (LEAP) Tiered Coaching System impacts your entire leadership:

“This program has had more impact and has done more for our organization than any other training or professional development we’ve ever done.”

“I am amazed that every time I come to one of these coaching meetings, I learn something new that I have never heard before and that I can use immediately as a leader.”

“We have been surprised at the caliber and impact and the difference it made. We’ve never had anything like this.”

“It’s been a wonderful program, our Director’s sessions have been awesome and it’s great to have the opportunity to talk amongst peers going through the same leadership challenges.”

Ready to transform your organization’s leadership effectiveness?

Your outsourced leadership development solution

We develop your leaders so you can develop your business.

LEAP is a turn key solution that allows you to focus on your business while we transform your leaders.

This is the only leadership development program that:

–      focuses on the top three tiers of leadership simultaneously

–      impacts the business results quickly

–      is 100% ready to plug and play

–      is 100% customized to your company’s needs

Use an integrated, customized, hybrid group coaching program across all your organization’s top tiers to create leadership alignment and communication competencies that positively impact your organization’s culture, mission and bottom line.  Now there is no need to spend millions of dollars to build your own internal coaching program or leadership development department.

Based on decades of dedicated, focused expertise in coaching leaders and teams in organizations of all sizes, we have discovered, tested, and consistently implemented a leadership development system that will produce aligned, powerful, and effective leadership across the entire organization with ease and speed. No other coaching company in the world is doing this, because the LEAP system is custom designed in collaboration between your internal champion and our CEO.

Research** shows that the quality of management in any organization impacts the success of business and employee engagement more than any other factor. The research conducted by Gallup reveals that great managers demonstrate the following leadership strengths:

  • They motivate every single employee to take action and engage them with a compelling mission and vision.
  • They have the assertiveness to drive outcomes and the ability to overcome adversity and resistance.
  • They create a culture of clear accountability.
  • They build relationships that create trust, open dialogue, and full transparency.
  • They make decisions that are based on productivity, not politics.

How do you get there?  You LEAP, of course!   Leadership Excellence & Alignment Program (LEAP): The Innovative Leadership International Tiered Coaching System for Organizational Success has garnered rave reviews and produced real, customized results for organizations.

Ready to LEAP?

Below is the introduction to the LEAP System.  Scroll down to see the Case Study and to Meet the Executive Coaching Team.


Introduction to LEAP Tiered Coaching

The Leadership Excellence & Alignment Program (LEAP) Tiered Coaching is a coordinated, customized group and team and executive coaching solution for the top three tiers of leadership in any organization. LEAP maximizes the talents of master executive coaches cost-effectively across the organization, allowing you to provide executive coaching to the entire leadership.

Today’s organizations have tried training, mentoring, and coaching their managers and leaders with mixed results. Intervening at the individual leader level can have powerful impact, however it takes a great deal of time to transform an individual from a master in his or her area of subject matter expertise into a strong manager or leader. The skills and strengths required for effective leadership are often not the skills and strengths that have been the secret to that leader’s success up to this point.

LEAP Tiered Coaching Program

Organizations are systems. To effect systemic transformation with sustainable impact on culture, productivity, employee engagement, and mission-driven results, leadership effectiveness is best addressed in a tiered, simultaneous approach. Accelerated, leveraged impact requires a unified system of coordinated action.

1:1 executive coaching for leaders and managers is expensive and its impact, while powerful, is usually limited to a select few top ranking or top performing leaders. In many cases, this form of executive coaching can be a disjointed and inconsistent intervention unless an organization can afford to invest in providing 1:1 coaching for the entire leadership team, which many organizations cannot. So what happens is that the few executives who are lucky enough to have a coach have great results, leaving the organization with pockets of success rather than systemic impact.

LEAP Tiered Coaching solves this issue, and provides a sustainable and consistent coaching approach for any type of organization. Another problem organizations face is not having access to a vetted cadre of proven coaching experts.  The LEAP system solves that problem by giving you a coordinated team of great master coaches, so you are never lacking expert resources for your leadership.

This proprietary system, developed by the CEO of Innovative Leadership International LLC, Suzi Pomerantz, is based on over 21 years’ experience coaching at the highest levels in Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, and public sector organizations and working with leaders, senior executives, and their teams in over 200 organizations worldwide.

Organizations employing the LEAP Tiered Coaching system attain accelerated and aligned results across the entire leadership spectrum that positively impact the culture of the organization. For example, LEAP has transformed a culture of misaligned leaders who had been creating distrust into a culture of trusted, accountable, transparent, engaging, and productive leaders achieving aligned outcomes.



LEAP Tiered Coaching Case Study:

In 2014, a government agency within a large federal government department wanted to make executive coaching available to the top 3 tiers of leadership: 6 C-level executive/ senior-most decision-makers, 15 Director-level senior leaders, and 44 Team Leaders.

Data collected over several years from annual employee engagement surveys confirmed that while employees loved the mission of the agency, leadership skills such as communication, employee motivation and employee development needed improvement. The majority of the 65-leader management team had been promoted to their leadership roles because of their technical expertise and technical leadership, but they consistently scored low in the above-mentioned interpersonal leadership skills.

It is not a cost-effective use of taxpayer dollars to provide 1:1 coaching for 65 leaders within a government department (these leaders’ government levels were GS15 up to and including SES), as it would be an approximate investment of $25K per leader for a 6-month program. Innovative Leadership International LLC created a customized 10-month solution that fit their budget, providing on-site team coaching for the top intact leadership team, on-site group coaching for the next two tiers of leadership groups, and the option for individual phone coaching office hours in a coordinated effort that created accelerated results for the entire agency.

To kick off the executive coaching program, all managers and leaders were invited to a session with a dynamic executive coaching speaker who introduced the coaching program and inspired the leaders to opt in.

During LEAP, the senior executive team engaged with a master executive coach for intact team alignment coaching and shifted from being a team of separate individual leaders operating in separate silos to being an effective, aligned, accountable, collaborative and transparent leadership team.

During LEAP, the Director level group engaged with a master executive coach for group coaching which empowered them to collaborate to resolve emergent issues, solve common challenges together and address the challenges unique to being the middle leadership tier; including accountability and leadership communication competencies.

During LEAP, the Team Leader level group engaged with two master executive coaches in curriculum-based group coaching customized to enhance leadership skills and address pervasive cultural challenges of distrust, blame, and lack of communication. Over the course of the program, this group shifted from apathy to commitment, from victimized-thinking to ownership and accountability.

Phone coaching office hours were made available as requested by individuals who wanted to dive deeper or work through individual challenges.

The entire program was custom-designed and coordinated in collaboration between an internal champion/ visionary leader at the agency and the CEO of Innovative Leadership International LLC, then delivered by 5 master coaches on-site at the client headquarters and 3 master coaches remotely.



At the conclusion of the program, we surveyed the 65 participants. The results of the survey indicated a successful program overall:

94% of participants were satisfied with their coaching experience.

84% of respondents believe positive leadership competency behavioral shifts began to occur as a result of the coaching program.

90% of respondents indicated the group coaching sessions were effective in providing tools, solutions and techniques to improve trust, communication, collaboration, and leadership competencies.

82% agreed phone coaching was helpful.

94% noticed an impact on individual performance and group/team performance, and in the area of organizational performance 82% see the impact.

94% believe coaching can be leveraged to improve the health of the organization.

88% indicated an interest in and a commitment to a continued coaching program.

Investment Example:

The organization in the case study above originally sought out a standard executive coaching program to provide 1:1 executive coaching to all 65 of the top leaders in the enterprise, which would have cost them $2.6M for one year.  The custom-designed group and team coaching allowed the organization to provide executive coaching access to all 65 leaders for a full year at significantly less than $200K.  That’s less than 1/10th the investment, with tremendous enterprise-wide impact! So rather than 1:1 coaching for a handful of executives, they were able to provide executive coaching to 65 leaders and transform the culture. Dramatic cost savings!


Meet the LEAP Tiered Coaching Executive Coaching Team:

The master executive coaches listed below are the coaches who implemented the Case Study above.  They are not necessarily the same coaching team that would work with your organization, since we customize both the solution and the coaches to your specific needs.  We draw from an international network of hundreds of the world’s top coaches; those listed below are to give you a snapshot of the caliber of expert we will bring to your organization.


Suzi Pomerantz. Suzi Pomerantz, MT., MCC. is an award-winning master executive coach and international best-selling author with over 21 years of coaching experience with leaders and teams in over 200 organizations internationally across Government agencies, not-for-profit and private sector clients, including seven companies on the Fortune 100 list. Ms. Pomerantz specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, and innovative influence.  She is the CEO of Innovative Leadership International LLC, and the designer of the LEAP Tiered Coaching Program. Suzi is credited with over 25 publications about coaching, ethics, and business development, and 7 books including Seal the Deal and the #1 international bestseller Ready, Aim, Captivate, co-authored with Deepak Chopra and other luminaries. She has been quoted in the Washington Post and Washington Business Journal. She serves on the Harvard Business Review‘s Advisory Council, and provides pro-bono coaching as part of SupporTED.


Dr. Steve GladisDr. Steve Gladis, an executive coach, author, and speaker, is an authority on the subject of leadership. CEO of Steve Gladis Leadership Partners—a leadership development company—he is the author of 19 books on leadership and a professor at George Mason University. His company works with businesses, associations, and US government agencies, and he speaks regularly at conferences and corporate gatherings. A former faculty member and Dean at the University of Virginia, Dr. Gladis also served as an FBI special agent and was a decorated officer in the US Marine Corps. Dr. Gladis uses stories from business, Marine Corps combat and the FBI to punctuate his straightforward, clear message about leadership. His action-packed leadership journey provides a wealth of material from which to draw examples and witty anecdotes that keep audiences engaged.


Jackie EitingJackie Eiting creates breakthrough performance for large organizations by integrating senior executive development with business strategy implementation. She has over 30 years’ experience in transformational consulting, large-scale change, and executive development, and has worked with major corporations and not for profit organizations in the US and Europe. Prior to co-founding Alder Associates, Jackie held Partnerships in Computer Sciences Corporation’s (CSC) Transformation and Change Group and Charles Smith & Associates, a leading transformational consulting firm. Jackie also established her own consulting practice specializing in executive coaching, executive team development and leadership development. She has developed programs, events, and cultural practices to ensure the implementation of her clients’ mission and vision. Jackie has facilitated, designed, and implemented hundreds of programs, meetings and conversations bringing the art of leadership into the fabric of dozens of organization’s everyday practices.


Karen CurnowKaren Curnow has worked with senior executives and teams, providing leadership development, team-building, and cultural diversity services since 1980. Having worked and lived in France, Turkey, Kenya, Austria, and New York prior to her work in the D.C. area, Ms. Curnow has served both business and government as executive and team coach, organizational effectiveness consultant, university professor, and training.

Karen has also trained future coaches as a senior faculty member and mentor coach for Newfield Network and Georgetown University. She earned her M.B.A. in International Management and Marketing from U.S. International University, her B.S. in Business Administration and French at Houghton College and the Sorbonne/University of Paris, and her certification in Coaching and Organizational Learning from Newfield Network-USA and George Mason University.


Trish SilberTrish Silber is an expert in organizational development, leadership development, executive coaching, and conflict management. Trish has 25 years of experience working with organizations facing rapid changes in technology, markets, strategy, and leadership. She is known for developing inclusive processes that strengthen the leadership practices and culture of the organization while achieving the task at hand. Trish has over two decades of experience conducting customized leadership development programs for organizations. As an executive coach, Trish is able to quickly build a candid and trusting context within which executives can address their most critical challenges. Clients report that she provides potent coaching that is flexible in methodology, practical in application, and judicious in use of time.

Prior to forming Aliniad Consulting Partners, Trish was a senior partner with Catalyst Consulting Team, Inc., a national consulting firm known for its work in strategic alignment, leadership development, and experiential learning. Before joining Catalyst, she held several internal human resources positions at Apple. She was also member of the faculty of the George Washington University graduate program on leadership coaching.


Bill CarrierBill Carrier has been one of the most-selected executive coaches at the Federal Reserve Board over the last five years. Bill leads Carrier Leadership Coaching Inc., an organization which specializes in coaching senior and high-potential executives in leadership and personal development. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, former Army officer, and Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar, Bill grounds his coaching work in extensive practical leadership experience and specializes in leadership, teamwork, development, and high performance, particularly with senior leaders.

Recent executive coaching clients include: senior leaders at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, the Deputy CIO of one of the Armed Forces, senior leaders at the Department of Homeland Security.


Lynnette  YountLynnette Yount is an award-winning master coach, specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, organizational development and strategic planning. She is the President of Lynnette Yount Associates, Inc. (LYA), a woman-owned small business providing coaching, consultation, training and facilitation services. LYA is proud to be one of the small businesses on the GSA MOBIS Schedule. Lynnette has practiced for over 30 years primarily in the public sector, helping government organizations to become more effective and individual managers and executives to become great leaders.

Lynnette places high value on preparing leaders to effectively lead our government and has worked with senior leaders and leadership teams to create effective and sustainable results including building trust, partnerships and high performing teams; thinking, acting and leading strategically; generating performance results through conversational competence; accountability and strategic results; and increased levels of leadership, authority and responsibility. She developed one of the first structured executive coaching programs, The Federal Leader, successfully piloted and implemented in 1997 and has coached many cadres of GS 14 up to SES leaders, from virtually all Federal Departments and numerous agencies.


Jan BoxerJan Boxer is an expert in the areas of leadership, team development, organizational change, and career management. In addition to personally coaching hundreds of senior leaders and their teams over the last 25 years she has been a trusted advisor to those involved in leading and communicating large-scale initiatives in high visibility/high scrutiny environments. Jan has coached hundreds of leaders in the private sector, over 50 officers in the Intelligence Community and myriad SES leaders and their teams throughout the federal system.

In addition she has worked with a large clientele of doctors, scientists and researchers who serve as individual contributors within their respective organizations. Jan was appointed to Georgetown University’s adjunct faculty where she served as a co-founder of the Advanced Certificate Program for Leadership Coaching. Similarly, as the owner of Strategic Partners, Inc., Jan leads 35+ highly experienced coaches and consultants in providing services such as organizational culture assessments, reorganization and change management consulting, leadership effectiveness surveys, expert group facilitation, strategy planning and cross-agency conferences on best practices for developing and retaining human capital.



*VUCA = Volatility – the rate, amount, and magnitude of change.  Uncertainty – the amount of unpredictability inherent in issues and events.  Complexity – the amount of dependency and interactive effect of multiple factors and drivers.  Ambiguity – the degree to which information, situations, and events can be interpreted in multiple ways.

** HBR Blog Network article Why Good Managers Are So Rare by Randall Beck and James Harter, March 13, 2014