Leadership Confidence Checklist

Do You Have What it Takes to be an Influential Leader?

Use the LQA-18 Leadership Quotient Assessment to Find Out Now!

Use this assessment to see how confident and effective you are as a leader. The things that count most in your leadership efforts are your actions and attitudes; with actions being the critical factor. Attitudes – while important – do not necessarily produce results directly. They are often the catalyst for action—and your confidence, in particular, can affect whether and how you take action as a leader. More often than not, there is a direct relationship to your confidence as a leader and your skill as a leader. Your responses are confidential.

Leadership Quotient Assessment

Rank your confidence regarding your level of activity or skill for each of the 18 actions below using this 1-3 scale:

  1. Not doing much here – or lack confidence in doing this.
  2. Doing okay, but could boost level of activity and confidence.
  3. Doing quite well here; could teach others.

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