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Everything you need to succeed in getting new clients for your coaching business!


Seal the Deal: How to Win Business and Influence Leadership Self Study Training Course

Do you know the keys to get clients without cold-calling? Integrate networking, marketing & sales to Seal the Deal!

Everything you need to know to grow your business without ever having to make a cold call again! Executive Coach, CEO, and bestselling author Suzi Pomerantz gives you the core tools, skills, attitudes, and insights to win business and create a sustainable professional service.
Seal the Deal makes marketing services simple. Learn the ten core steps in a proven process, including the Essential Mindsets for Selling Services and a road-tested system for how to simultaneously manage networking, marketing and sales to get the clients you want. Coaches, consultants, counselors, and self-employed professionals of any industry will find practical, proven, powerful strategies to build your business beyond bountiful.

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Click the yellow bar that says “Take This Course $99”.  It will then ask you to sign in to Udemy, who hosts the course online. Now, to sign in to Udemy, you just have to use the Facebook connect box that pops up (or create your own sign in with your email address).

Twitter for Business Coaches!

If you missed the Twitter Teleclass, you can now get all the same information at your own pace with this new Twitter For Business Coaches – Get Going Now Tutorial. Suzi Pomerantz, author of Seal the Deal and an MCC coach working with leaders and teams in over 160 organizations during the last 20 years has become the Twitter expert for business coaches, and now you can find out from Suzi how to get quick results on Twitter for your coaching business.  Get yours NOW so you can join the Twitter party!

Rainmaking Made Easy!

Rainmaking is a term lawyers commonly use to mean getting clients, or business development. Coaches need to make the rain, too!  Use your natural strengths and authentic personality to succeed at rainmaking YOUR way! Learn the secrets of sealing the deal on this FOUR HOURS of audio lessons that you can listen to on your iPod or PC anytime. Where else can you get 4 hours of juicy content and quality learning for only $197?

Seal the Deal

You’re good at what you do. You have built it; they will come. Right? Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. You have built it, and built it well. But so have a lot of other very competent professionals. In a crowded marketplace, how will you sell your service without selling your soul?

Find out in the highly praised Seal the Deal: The Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business where leading executive coach Suzi Pomerantz reveals how successful coaches, consultants and other professional service providers create more money, more free time, and more fulfillment. Learn how the top 1% of coaches, consultants and other professionals get it done (and how you can too)!

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  1. Buy the paperback (which will be shipped to you) $23
  2. Buy the digital download (PDF) (which is instantaneous) $20
  3. Buy it on Kindle (if you have one) $18
  4. Buy the abridged mp3 audio companion (Rainmaking Made Easy – immediate download for your favorite mp3 player) $14.95
  5. Buy the digital self study training program $99

Seal the Deal Networking: How Coaches Connect with Leaders in the Age of Social MediaDescription:

  1. Buy the paperback (which will be shipped to you) $11.97
  2. Buy the digital download (PDF) (which is instantaneous) $9.97
  3. Buy it on Kindle (if you have one) $9.97


Average Customer Review
  1. Buy the paperback (which will be shipped to you) $14
  2. Buy the digital download (PDF) (which is instantaneous) $9.97
  3. Buy it on Kindle (if you have one) $9.99

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