Easy Sales in Tough Times: The Mindstep Model


It’s all about mindsets, and in particular, those which are contagious.  For example, it is not hard to find mindsets of doom-n-gloom, sky-is-falling, bleak forecasts, and those fears become pervasive in our culture, threatening to infect us all.  It becomes easy to succumb to the group-think and create for ourselves limiting beliefs that do not serve us or our businesses.
For example, a few I’ve heard lately are:
“Non-profits are struggling and have no money, I can’t sell to them now”
“Companies are laying off people left and right, why would they buy from me?”
“Selling is about forcing someone to do something with me”
“Every sales call is an audition”
“The economy is so bad right now, people will consider my service to be a luxury item”
Can you imagine how successful you’ll be in your business development efforts if your actions are shaped by these beliefs and mindsets?  What is the truth, and what is a brilliant device you’ve created to sabotage your own ability to succeed?  What if you could reframe your limiting beliefs in a way that will serve you and your prospective clients?

The Mindstep Model:

Step 1:  Identify your current limiting beliefs.  These might look like complaints, reasons, justifications, assessments, reality, news, or cultural norms.  (Example:  Sales is sleazy, pushy, and slimy and evil.  I want nothing to do with it!)
Step 2:  Reframe your beliefs into mindsets that serve you by identifying your driving purpose, passion, or meaning behind why you chose your current profession.  (Example: I became a coach because I am committed to helping people and making a profound, sustainable difference in their results and their lives!)
Step 3:  Create new beliefs and mindsets that align with your passion and free you up to act with joy, ease, lightness, and authenticity.  (Example: Sales is a conversation for possibility about how I can add value to the person in front of me now)
The Antidote:
Positive mindsets can be contagious as well, and that’s the good news.  If we generate enough of a group think in the direction of abundance, giving, and helping others we can combat the doom-sayers and pervasive cloud of fear. Try this one on for size:  Sales is an equal exchange of value.  You get value in the form of money and contracts, referrals and other compensation.  The client gets value in terms of ROI, results, products or services. Here’s another one to try on:  Non-profits have sufficient resources to invest in the results we can help them achieve. People buy when they are clear about the value proposition, when a problem will be solved, a pain will be healed, and they like and trust the person from  whom they are buying…regardless of the economy!

The Barometer:

If it feels hard, it is!  When it feels like a struggle, ask yourself “what are my limiting beliefs about this situation?”  Then see if you can re-frame your brick wall belief into an open door through which your mind can step.

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