Top 5 Blues-Busting Mindsets to Combat the Current Economy


The current economic picture is fraught with fear, but you don’t need to be! Bust the blues of the recession with a few simple mindsets that will banish the downward spiral we see all around us now. You needn’t fall prey to the swirling energies of depression (either monetary or emotional) that are running rampant in our communities and world right now.  These mindsets remind us how:

1.  This too shall pass.  As bad as things are, and as bad as they have yet to become, this is not a permanent state of being for our world.  That’s the good news!  Find something (anything) that gives you a feeling of joy or love or some small bit of happiness each day.  Simple things work best.  A grandchild’s smile, a sweet, crunchy apple, the twinkle of a star in the night sky, a flower, a raindrop, the smell of your favorite person.  Daily practice:  find and focus on one joyful thing each day. What we focus on expands.

2.  Gratitude.  It is impossible to feel fear when we are steeped in and present to grateful feelings.  Grateful to be loved, to be alive, to breathe?  Focus on that because you will restore your inner calm with strategic and intentional thoughts about thankfulness.  Daily practice:  create a gratitude list before you get out of bed each morning.  I’m grateful for every stiff kink in my body because it means I’m alive!

3.  Generosity:  This is the biggest mindset.  Often when things are tough, the first thing we and companies around us do is tighten our belts.  This is not the time to hold onto everything!  This is the time to purge! Donate everything that doesn’t work for you anymore, give of your time to someone worse off than you, help a friend, donate food to the hungry, and give to your favorite charity.  Giving feels good because you’ve contributed to others, and if you are paying attention to all the ways you can be generous with others, you’ll find that many don’t cost you a thing and that your return on your investment is one-hundred fold. Daily practice:  Ask yourself, “What can I do for someone else today?” and then act on the answer.

4.  Money is energy, keep it moving.  If we think of money as a scarce commodity, the current global situations will cause hoarding, runs on banks, and the equivalent of a giant dam blocking the flow of life-sustaining water to our worldwide village.  If we realize that money is energy…life energy…we must do whatever we can to keep it moving.  Buy what you need, give money away, and keep money flowing so that it can flow back to you.  If you create an energy block, you will cut off your own supply in the future. Daily practice:  Spend money or give it away to those less fortunate than you!

5.  Trust (or faith, if you are religious).  An abundance mentality relies on trust that everything will work out okay, and that everything happens for a reason.  There is a power larger than us that knows what it’s doing. The universe works on dynamic laws that create and sustain prosperity for those who tap into them, and trusting the universe to provide is a key to freeing the knots in your stomach.  Worry and fear are indicators that you are not trusting.  Daily practice:  What/or whom do I need to trust in to be able to breathe easier?

Experts tell us that things will get worse before they get better.  Futurists tell us that the global economy as we know it is already a thing of the past and we will find ourselves in a future of barters and community-based currency.  Real Estate Gurus tell us that there will be a second wave of impact in the housing market and all the implications that will bear.  We needn’t throw up our hands and say “so what?” to the reality of what’s going on around us.  Indeed, we must plan for it, and not hide our heads in the sand.  Yet we can have strength and power in our own resilience during these challenging times.  We can build our internal reserves and engage in practices of positive abundance mentality like the mindsets listed above, and before we know it we’ll be on the other side of this particular scene.  It helps to remember that some of the greatest fortunes were made during the Great Depression.  Here’s to your health and good fortune!

©2008 Suzi Pomerantz.  All rights reserved
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Hi Suzi,
Once again a positively wonderful posting from you. People really need to read/hear these positive things now and always. Very good and helpful information. I just love it!!
Stay safe,well & happy

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