The Importance of Mindsets


If leadership is mostly about showing up, there’s a critical underpinning of how we show up and who we are being when we show up that determines our effectiveness in leadership and business development.  Mindsets or mental constructs can be consciously created and often determine our behaviors, choices, actions, and ways of being.  This, in turn, contributes to our image, how we’re seen, perceived, or branded, and the opportunities for promotion we garner.  Just the other day I found this quote in an article I was reading, and thought it resonated with this concept:
“The principle of penetrating the subconscious mind is as simple as offering a positive suggestion, a new thought, or a different truth. This is where the memory functions at its very best. The subconscious mind is programmed like an endless tape, implanted within the complex synapses and cells of the brain. Actually, you become what your subconscious mind thinks. Then, our thoughts and beliefs transform us into our character and give us our physiological makeup.”  
                        –Edward J. Longo CCH RBT, International Hypnosis Research Institute

Thus, if you want to get a competitive edge as a leader or as a business developer, your best and easiest route to that is to get a grip on your inner game…your mindsets.  As long as there’s going to be an endless tape in there anyway, why not install one that delivers messages that stimulate your success?

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