Twitter Beats Google for Relevant Trusted Information

My friends at Golden Compass, Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay, are great speakers and consultants on the subject of the below-the-surface information and other treasures that are hidden from view on the internet if you don’t know the special secrets for how to find them. (And they know all the tricks!)
They’ve created this video to promote a webinar and I just LOVE this story about how in one case they found a reliable, trusted answer to a question they’d searched for on Google but got a better result in less than 2 minutes on Twitter. If you didn’t think Twitter was worth it, here’s even more proof of its power:
Twitter Case Study: (Click on the photo below to be directed to the site where you can watch the video)

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Oh Suzi,
You caught us! Of course, that’s not really Sheryl’s office you see in the background. Nope, we had to borrow a friend’s house to do the video. Our house has only wide expansive views of the Rocky Mountains, baby grand pianos and expensive modern art work. We felt those were not the proper background for a business video.
We do, however, have a shark.
Thanks for the shout out in your blog, Suzi – we are honored. The Virtual Conference is a pretty cool thing – this fall having speakers like Harvey Mackay and our friend and Internet marketing genius, Albert Maruggi. You should be one of the guest speakers, Suzi – we’ll hook you up with Gary Anderson of Netbriefings.

Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay, Golden Compass are so COOL and such engaging speakers! I am so happy to have them speaking at our Virtual Conference Site (reference URL) and delighted that other like Suzi Pomerantz are talking about Golden Compass and our site. Thanks and feel free to register for this fantastic upcoming session.
Gary W. Anderson
Netbriefings, Inc.

I’m a big fan of Twitter and am amazed at the quality of results when you ask questions about anything. Two great people that I’ve met on Twitter are Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay. They really get the power of engaging with people. Their generosity is tremendous!
Just the other night I was recommending that someone follow Michael because of his insights and suggestions that make using both Twitter and the Internet more effective tools. These insights and suggestions have broadened my understanding of how I use the Internet and social media.
I love having Michael and Sheryl in my network! They are great models of the power and value Twitter provides.

Of course I’m a little biased, but I love this story. You just never know what will happen with a tweet!

I should add: I learned so much from this. Had no idea about What a great resource.

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