Leadership, Influence, Promotion and Sales are all about VISIBILITY.

Career advancement and business development in this age of social media requires showing up, standing out, and making a difference.

Want to get more visibility for your business or for yourself?  Here are 5 simple steps you can take right now to do that:

  1. Get yourself up and active on Twitter. (Need help getting started? Just click here!) Don’t forget to follow me there @suzipomerantz and I’ll follow you back!
  2. Create a Facebook profile AND a Facebook fanpage.  Or, if you don’t want to set up your own, find someone who you admire and become a fan of theirs so you can post comments and questions on their page, thus giving you visibility to all their other fans. If you wish, you can “friend me” on my profile and you can “become a fan” on my fanpage. I’d love to have you post comments and questions on both!
  3. Make sure you are networking from the right mindsets!  Results happen in conversations, and conversations are driven by your mindsets.  Build your network by learning the cultural norms in each of the social media platforms and authentically connecting in each one.  Later this month I’ll have a new e-book out called “Seal the Deal Networking: How to Connect in the Age of Social Media” that will incorporate the Nine Mindsets of Networking with the world of internet connectivity as we know it today!
  4. Learn about the essential mindsets for business development, particularly about networking, marketing, sales, and referrals!  This program can teach you how.  Click here to learn more.
  5. You’re probably already on LinkedIn.  Get active!  Go invite new friends, connect people to each other, answer question, respond to discussions in the groups you’ve joined, join more groups and show up!

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