Midas Touch Mari Smith and Enchanting Guy Kawasaki Reveal Keys to Social Media Marketing Superstardom!

Mari Smith and Guy Kawasaki have teamed up to launch a new course called Social Midas.  If you’re looking for a step-by-step,
systematic approach to social media marketing success, this is for you!  They are recording all 8 modules, so you can learn at
your own pace and timing. They are offering it now at a 50% off price through April 18th and you can get all sorts of bonuses,
including Guy’s newest book on Google + called “What the Plus?”
Anyway, they introduced the course in a free webinar they did last week called The 7 Hottest Social Media Business Trends, and
you can access the replay of the webinar as well as download the 31 page transcript, too!
These two experts have generated millions of dollars in their own businesses using these principles and strategies they are
teaching now!  Here’s a bit of what they have to say about the upcoming course:

Business has changed forever. We now live in a more open and connected world, where hundreds of millions of ordinary people share their lives with one another. Online social networking platforms, mobile access, games, and location-based services have created a fundamental shift in how we function and do business on the planet today.
“Business as usual” no longer exists and has been replaced by a chaotic landscape.
Don’t worry, this isn’t a bunch of fluff to make your social media presence barely visible … we’ll reveal the EXACT steps you need to take to make your business super-profitable through stellar social media marketing!

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