Another Free Webinar from Mari Smith, Facebook Expert: 10 tips for making money on new Facebook Business Timelines

I just got a big-news announcement from my friend Mari Smith that I had to share with you!
Here’s the scoop – Mari is super-excited to tell you about her great big FREE webinar: “10 ESSENTIAL Facebook Money-Making ‘Techie’ Tips” you need to be using today, to extract the dollars your own growing Facebook community wants to send you!  May 15th at 3pm Eastern…
On this 75-minute webinar, Mari will be showing you exactly how she has created the Facebook “sales funnel” she uses in her own business. Of course, as the “Queen of Facebook”, Mari maximizes the built-in features of her new Business Timeline to ramp up her income… and in her entertaining, super-simple style, she’ll show you how to use the same revenue-producing tactics Facebook designed into their own multi-billion-dollar money machine!
You’ll be happy to know that you can attend this event from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is your computer and internet access to attend.
With all the changes in Facebook’s new Timeline for Business (now it’s mandatory, you know), it may seem like Facebook is sabotaging your business with a complex and challenging layout. Well, that’s not the case… actually, Mari will show you how Facebook has designed the Timeline specifically to increase their OWN revenues as automatically as possible, as they prepare for their upcoming mega-stock-offering IPO.
That’s good news for you… because when you join Mari on her new webinar on May 15th, you’ll be able to watch over her shoulder as the Queen of Facebook shows you the simple-ninja tweaks you MUST put in place today to create your own Facebook money machine! Even better, I know she’ll make things as simple and “tech-free” as possible for you to follow along… because that’s just the way I like things, too!
Be sure to register right away to save your seat on Mari Smith’s ESSENTIAL Facebook Money-Making ‘Techie’ Tips webinar before it fills up. If it’s anything like the others she’s done so far this year, I’ll bet this webinar will be full to overflowing (and you don’t want to get locked out!)
Let’s get Mari to show you her best Facebook tech tricks for generating a big boost to your social marketing revenue this season!
See you on this “tech-easy” Facebook webinar… I’ll be right there with you!

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