Coaches, how’s business?


If you’re a coach, how’s your business going?  Do you have as many paying clients as you’d like?
Did you know there are two books that can really help?
Both are available in paperback and on Kindle.
If you’re an executive coach, go for The Executive Coach Approach to Marketing, which I wrote with Ian Brodie.
“@ianbrodie and @suzipomerantz have written a book that every executive coach needs about what most executive coaches don’t know – how to market your coaching! The Executive Coach Approach to Marketing is a crucial read for anyone who wants to be a successful executive coach!” says @MarshallGoldsmith. 
Link for paperback version:
Link for Kindle version:

If you’re another kind of coach, you’ll find the answers in Seal the Deal, which I wrote ten years ago, but the core concepts of networking, marketing, and sales for coaches are timeless and relevant!

Seal the Deal is a cogent, coherent and comprehensive approach to business development. Don’t miss it!” says @KenBlanchard

Description and video intro:
Read Rave Reviews for the book Seal the Deal, which you can purchase multiple ways:
1. Buy the paperback
2. Buy the digital download (PDF)
3. Buy it on Kindle

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