World Business and Executive Coach Summit Announces Pre-Summit Taster Series for Coaches and Leaders

The second annual World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) is set for May 1st, 2012…
But before these dynamic coaching sessions begin, you have the opportunity to preview the best of the best.
An outstanding line-up of business and executive coaching thought leaders, specialists and industry pioneers…including:

  • Verne Harnish—one of Fortune magazine’s “Top 10 Minds in Small Business”
  • Sir John Whitmore – Pre-eminent thinker in leadership and organisational change
  • Prof. Vijay Govindarajan – Voted World’s #1 strategic thinker by Harvard Business Review
  • Marshall Goldsmith, PhD, recognized last year by Harvard Business Review as “Most Influential Leadership Thinker in the World.”
  • And of course, ME! 🙂

These sessions will be in a “TED-talk” style, in the sense they will be “punchy” (15-30 minutes) and pitch free…
They will set you up with takeaways that you can start using BEFORE the actual summit even starts!
Best thing, you can get to them whenever you have time…
From anywhere.
No commute necessary.
To register for:
World Business and Executive Coach Pre-Summit Series
No sales pitches, just timely information your business needs to become unmatched in service and value…
Give your business the boost it needs.
WBECS has 1 simple mission in mind:
To dramatically improve the success of business and executive coaches the world over…

PS:  Here’s what people are saying about WBECS…
“…..exceptional speakers……the highest quality virtual learning experience. The Summit was an incredible learning experience for me…..My executive coaching clients expressed their gratitude for the insights and wisdom gained from the Speakers that I shared with them.”
Dr. Maynard Brusman
“As a student coach, WBECS was extremely valuable…..Fantastic experience.”
Bronwyn Green
“… was the best I’ve ever attended. The caliber of speakers was outstanding. The information was highly relevant. Everything worked like clockwork….This Summit was an outstanding value.”
Eugenia Kaneshige, MBA
“WBECS provided a high quality rich content event for Executive and Business Coaches, which over delivered in all its promises….I went away from each lot of training with practical and inspiring actionable steps to implement in my business”
David Allan, MBus
“World Business & Executive Coach Summit. I was skeptical at first – how much could I gain from a whole series of webinars? Turns out I could gain heaps – and I did. Ideas to develop my coaching skill and ideas to develop my business. And I am still benefiting – a few webinars yet to listen to and ideas gained that I am progressively implementing.
Corrinne Armour
“The webinars of the WBECS during the summer of 2011 were great, wonderful, excellent. I will advice all my coaching colleagues to attend the WBECS of 2012”.
Joanita Bonnier
I attended the World Business and Executive Coach Summit and was extremely impressed…..the highest standard and quality……state of the art approach to business for those wanting to empower others.
Tracey Rhodes
“I loved the WBECS Summit-very informative and valuable”
Andrew Castle
“I participated in the 2011 session of WBECS and it was OUTSTANDING!I could not believe the value I received for my investment. Professional presenters, experts in their field and the event was extremely well organized. Can’t wait to sign up for the next one.”
Harry King
“I attended his WBECS webinar series and got great value from it.”
Dr. Jim Goldstein
“The Summit was very well organized and covered a wide range of topics at a very affordable price”.
J Daniel Hollinger PhD
“I was fortunate to be part of the most amazing virtual world conference for business coaches that was developed and hosted by Ben Croft. This conference was masterful, from concept to implementation…… the highest level content from world class speakers; using today’s technology, he keep the cost to a minimum. Incredible! When you recommend something in the future, you’ll see my name on the list of attendees”
Lindel James
“World Business & Executive Coach Summit provided a fantastic variety of great training content suitable for all business coaches from struggling to successful! The training provided was done completely online and allowed for all time zones to share in a variety of topics and as well catch the recordings if they weren’t available for the live versions. Highly recommended”
Chris Allen
“An excellent collection of minds virtual coaching conference when he put together WBECS in August 2011. There was a great line up of speakers covering all topics for coaches who want to be highly successful. His communications were regular and relevant and the resources available both pre and post summit were awesome”
Mark Thomas
“The WBECS was a breath of fresh air. The ease of access for someone who lives in Australia allowed me to take full advantage of the material and resources. His choice of speakers was spot on, relevant and timely.”
Nina Marshall

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The sessions of WBECS are great! With informative ideas you can develop coaching skills and business skills. I also participated in WBECS. Motivational Speech for conferences, business events and major conventions to motivate huge gathering.
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