Who Are The World’s Top Business Coaches?

If you had to name the world’s top business coaches, who would be on that list?  What about the world’s top executive coaches or leadership coaches?  What about the world’s top sales or business development coaches?  Or the world’s top organizational coaches?
I’d like to identify the TOP 1000 Business Coaches in the world.
Why?  Imagine what’s possible in transforming our society at the level of business leadership if the top 1000 coaches aligned with each other – even in a small way?
Will you help?  Add your suggestions below!  I’ll start:
1.  Marshall Goldsmith
2.  the late Thomas Leonard
3.  Bill Bergquist
4.  Mary Beth O’Neill
5.  Julio Olalla
6.  Frederic Hudson
7.  Fernando Flores
8.  Eva Wong
9.  Pam McLean
10.  Linda Page
…add your suggestions below and we’ll compile the top 1000 list together!

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Okay, Suzi, I’ll play:
1. Stephen McGhee
2. Matthew Kelly
3. Margaret Hensle
4. Seth Godin
5. Michael Neill
6. Jeff Patterson
7. Michael Port
8. Steve Chandler
9. Laura Huckabee-Jennings
10. Marcus Buckingham

Thanks, Ann! Great list!

Dr. Jerry Overton

I’d like to nominate Marilyn O’Hearne, Executive & Life COACH, Trainer/Speaker, Writer

Thanks, Jerry! She’s great!

Dr. Jerry Overton, MCC & Ginger Cockerham, MCC

Thanks, Marilyn! Great additions to the list!

Great idea, Suzi. My names may be unfamiliar, so I’ll add some info:
1. Teressa Griffin (author of upcoming book, Lies That Limit – for info, @tfinnman on Twitter, today’s tweet)
2. Anne Litwin (groundbreaking research on women’s relationship “rules” – http://www.annelitwin.com)
3. Bill Woodson (great mind/body/spirit integrator-www.wbwoodson.com)
4. Sheila Haji (brilliantly clear, trustworthy, and fun-http://www.commongroundconsulting.com
5. Judith Leibowitz (strategic, fun, and compassionate-http://www.linkedin.com/in/jalassociates

Thanks, Tom! I look forward to learning more about these folks!

Hello Suzi,
I would like to nominate Maria Gamb Coach and first time, self published author. Maria broke the top ten in the business and leadership catagory on Amazon last month upon the books launch the catagory was dominated by well known previously published male writers. The book is Healing the Corporate World/ How Value-based Leadership Transforms Business From the Inside Out.
Thank you,

I’d like to add Robin Sharma to the list – his clients include IBM, Nike, YEO, GE, BP and many more – http://www.robinsharma.com/speaking/clients
I am currently following his program – Your absolute best year yet – Very good I must say.

Thanks! Great additions!!

Hi Suzi! This is a great blog! I learned a lot. Funny how we get caught in our own little world sometimes and don’t see the vast amount of talent out there. A marketing group here in O.C. has a platform to highlight those thought leaders and are wanting to connect with many! Thank you.

For me the living #1 coach worldwide is undoubtably John Whitmore
He even was granted the title of “Sir” John Whitmore by her Royal majesty the Queen of England herself for his career as a coach and by creating what we now commonly call the art of coaching… Business and life coaching… The GROW model the SMART objectives etc.. The foundations of coaching.
For me he is and will always be the Number 1
Kind and warm regards,
Ernesto Tejedor

I’d have to say Taki Moore is at the top of my list

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