What is Mastery?

At a recent coaching conference, I was asked by a colleague what is it that distinguishes a master coach from one who is not yet a master?
I know that the IAC has created their definition of nine masteries of coaching.
I know the ICF has a set of criteria they  use when credentialing master coaches.
I love this video with clips of interviews about mastery with various masters (music, art, dance, zen, martial arts, etc.) from the CAM site: http://www.people-stories.com/masters.mov

And here’s what I responded in the moment my colleague asked about mastery in coaching:

  • It’s about bringing a beginner’s mind
  • It’s about a seamless integration of the craft into who you are being as a coach
  • A master is able to get out of his or her own way and allow the wisdom to flow through him or her
  • It’s about being fully present and of service to the other person or people with no attention on your self
  • It’s about trusting the process and allowing
  • It’s about letting go/ non-attachment
  • It’s about illuminating the choices and actions that inspire freedom in others

What would you add to this list?  Comment below!

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