What are the TOP online resources for executive coaches?

I’d like to compile a list of the best, most valuable online resources for executive coaches, but I don’t want to presume that I know what they all are, hence I’m seeking your input.
What is your favorite online resource that supports what you’re doing as a coach for leaders?
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Okay, shameless plug here, but I have to list the Leading Coaches’ Center, which you can find at http://LeadingCoachesCenter.com and it’s free to join for top executive coaches worldwide.

If you haven’t already discovered it, the Library of Professional Coaching is a great online resource for those who coach in organizations: http://www.LibraryOfProfessionalCoaching.com

The ChangeGrid(tm) client-driven, activity-specific coaching and management tool. This helps human development professionals create both initial and ongoing business with clients so that everyone achieves even greater success.
http://www.changing-matters.com/changegrid.htm… See More
We are offering a free teleseminar series entitled “Building a Career that Matters” hosted by the creator of MasterStream(r) and the ChangeGrid(tm) T Falcon Napier. More info at http://www.changing-matters.com/BACTM.html

Andrea Moretti-Adimari

You may wish to explore a tool designed to enable you to simultaneously offer sustained dynamic coaching to more of your clients, in a highly cost and time efficient way. The system, designed and operated by a highly respected top tier coach (www.Prelude-Team.com), can we reviewed at http://www.Premier-Mentor.com. As co-architect, I would be delighted to arrange a multi-role-play demo for you, should you wish to test this approach to long term dynamic group coaching.

Right now Neuroscience has my attention, especially most everything written or spoken by David Rock. E.g., davidrock.net, neuroleadership.org.

OMG – by far I would say that The Coaches Console is a must to be included in the “top online resources for executive coaches”. Especially for executive coaches that really understand the value of leveraging their time, money and energy, The Coaches Console (http://coachesconsole.com) is a web-based business management tool. Coaches using this tool are creating more time to spend with their clients (and with MORE clients). And they are simplifying the tedious, back-end details of running their successful coaching practice by integrating The Coaches Console into their business systems. As an executive coach, often working with very sophisticated clients, it is imperative to convey a professional and organized business – The Coaches Console is an online tool that does exactly that.

Great stuff, thanks to everyone who is contributing responses! I posted this question also on my Linked In Fortune 100 Coaches group and got the following responses:
Dave Kinnear says: PCMA is my best source. http://www.pcmaonline.com/
Bob Hughes says: http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/ is a bunch of free resources from the Open University in the UK. It’s good for any of your clients who have a desire to go do something academic. There’s a wealth of stuff on business and management in there
Eva Hartwig says: Talking about coaching tools, you might be interested in trying the newest release of CoachingValley.com:
theFLOW – a secure online place where whole coaching process can be scheduled, managed and captured. It offers a unique way of sustaining a continuous dialogue with all your clients via FLOWs – hosted conversations where you can:
– schedule sessions,
– set and monitor goals,
– draft coaching contracts,
– add sessions summaries,
– keep private & secure notes,
– chat with your clients,
– gauge client satisfaction levels,
– monitor usage and effectiveness of your coaching tools,
– append invoices,
– add virtually any type of text and multimedia files,
– generate the ICF Client Log

Thanks Suzi for quoting my post from the Fortune 100 Coaches group. Let me expand a bit on the CoachingValley’s FLOW idea here.
Coaching is a process. It is an ongoing relation, a flow of interaction between a client and a coach. TheFLOW allows to capture this relation, as it happens, in a simple and never-intrusive way. It creates a seamless space where we coaches and our clients can meet, share and interact. You can step into theFLOW at will, go out when needed. The process continues…
This is the philosophy behind it.
On a practical side… What are our BENEFITS?
– you have your coaching business at hand, wherever you are – safe and beautifully structured (you need an Internet access though)
– you add value to your clients by
a) letting them have their coach always ‘close & available’ and
b) providing them with an online ‘journal’ of their coaching process
– you gain a very personal channel of direct communication with your clients that allows you to moderate the process at will (reminders, advice, knowledge sharing, etc.)
– you have all the back-office support you need – scheduling, cal integration, usage statistics, contact data, ICF Log, etc.
– you can monitor effectiveness of various coaching tools used with your clients – seeing which really work, which only ‘claim’ to work
– and more
It is not a tool as such, but a new meaningful and fun way of interacting with your clients. It is also an environment in which all other coaching tools can be used.
You have to try it, to feel it. Go to:

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