Radical Conversations coming May 21-25!

You want to make a difference? Now’s the time! And we’ve got the place and by the way, it’s FREE!
For the sake of creating a rockin’ better world, I’m joining a group of 15 thought leaders and evolutionaries to start a powerful conversation about creating a new kind of world together. Will you join in and co-create this with us? What will this world look like? Who will we have to be to create it?
It’s crucial for your voice to be heard. You could be the tipping point in the conversation! Join me at ‘Radical Conversations 2013’ is a Virtual Conference running May 21-25, 2013.
I’m one of 15 internationally known thought leaders who have been brought in to spark the conversation & hold space for you to contribute.
We are in good company, the full list of panelists includes:
Sir John Whitmore
Prof. Phillipe Rosinski MCC
Alan Seale PCC, CTPC
Craig Hamilton
Maria Gamb
Cynthia Loy-Darst CPCC, ORSCC, MCC
Suzi Pomerantz MT, MCC
Jan Elfline EDD, MCC
Dorothy Siminovitch PHD, MCC
Michael Charest
Paul Zelizer
Ann Van Eron PHD, MCC
Joan King PHD, MCC, BCC
Arjuna Ardagh
Janet Harvey
Breathe deeply friends, we are preparing for the ride of our lives! 5 Radical Conversations: 15 thought leaders
Click this link NOW and get your *FREE* ticket for Radical Conversations 2013: www.radicalconversations.com
The wildfire has already been ignited! Join me in conversation on Facebook I’d love to see you there! http://www.facebook.com/radicalconversations
I look forward to being with you!

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Thanks for blogging about Radical Conversations Suzi. I’m really excited about it!

Thanks, Paul! I’m excited to be part of it! 🙂

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