New Mexico Killed My iPhone

Grand plans.  Yep.  I had ’em.  I headed off to New Mexico on Wednesday having already begun to tweet about my journey to Conversation Among Masters 2010.  (#CAM10).
What’s that old saying?  We make plans and God laughs?  Yeah.  I get it now.
I’d fully intended to write blog posts each day throughout the four day master coaching conference.  Charged up my iPhone, brought all the required chargers.
Arrived in Albuquerque, NM airport and caught the van to Santa Ana Pueblo, the 193,000 acre sacred ground of the Tamayame tribe at the base of the Sandia Mountains with the Rio Grande running through.  Sacred ground.  Hmmm.  Is that why there’s no cell signal?
But wait!  If I walk outdoors on only one side of the building, I can get a signal.  That makes it hard to tweet about the goings on!  But I did.  I tweeted away that first day.  I retweeted my colleagues who you can see at #cam10.  For some reason none of my tweets show up in the #CAM10 list.  Maybe I’m invisible?
At night, it gets very cold.  Who can stand out in the cold and wind and type blog posts into an iPhone?  Sorry, not I.
But then, one warm afternoon, we had a break.  I thought I’d sit in the sun and blog about the inspiration and wisdom of the Conversations Among Masters. Nope.  My iPhone decided to crash.
It’s not a battery issue…even plugged into the wall it only starts to turn on, then goes black.
Sacred ground indeed.
So, if you want to know what happened at CAM’10, I will be blogging from all my notes – not all at once, since I need to catch up from being away, but you can check it all out at the Leading Coaches’ Center over the next few days.
Oh, and yes I did have to buy a completely new iPhone today.  Anyone know how to get the photos off my last one?  I took GREAT pictures in New Mexico – but they are trapped in my crashed old iPhone.
See ya…

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