For Coaches Only (A new column for tools, systems, and other cool things I find along the way!)

I’m always on the lookout for business savvy tools for coaches.  Here’s one I recently learned about that I’m really impressed with. Have you heard about Coaches’ Console?  It’s this amazing system that essentially automates all your back-office needs as a solopreneur.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Kate Steinbacher, one of the founders of the Coaches’ Console, for my Leading Coaches Center community I’m building, and she’s truly inspiring.  She partnered with Melinda Cohen and they built this incredible business that forward their mission of helping to “get people coached!”.  I was particularly impressed with their demo videos that you can watch at your own pace, and the system is really well thought out, comprehensive, thorough, and VERY USER FRIENDLY, especially for coaches who may not be tech savvy.
They designed it for coaches, so it helps you manage everything from your forms and intake questions, to billing and reminding clients of bill status, as well as everything in-between (business reports, newsletters, database management, certification hours tracked, etc).  They were smart in that they made it white-labeled…meaning everything that get generated from their system is branded in your colors with your logo, etc.  It lets you look uber-professional, and makes everything much easier for you to manage. Oh, and since it’s not software you have to download, you just do it all online and it’s secure and confidential, but doesn’t take a lot of set up on your end.  You can even grant your Virtual Assistant access, and they can do it for you!  It’s worth taking the time to view the demo.  I wish this existed when I started my coaching business 16 years ago!

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