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I’ve been checking this out and I wanted to share because this could really help you…
•    How to package your expertise and start selling more than your time
•    14,500 people can’t all be wrong…
•    Now you can reach people all over the world…
Let me tell you about Nicola Bird, an energetic and lovely woman living in France who I just chatted with on Skype.  We met through mutual friends,  Yanik Silver and Viki Winterton.
Nicola is a coach, a business owner and a mother of three small children.
Nicola trained as a coach back in 2006 and set herself up in business in 2007, initially helping mothers with young children like herself decide on their next steps after having kids.
Nicola made NO money as a coach in 2007.
She made NO money as a coach in 2008.
She made a tiny bit of money in 2009 (but not enough to pay the tax man).
Then in January 2010, she created $24,000 in just one month.
That year she went on to create $250,000.
In 2011 she more than doubled that.
What is the secret of her success?
She started packaging up her expertise into products and programs which she delivered using JigsawBox, the online coaching tool.
Was her success all down to using JigsawBox?
Of course not. She listened to her clients, find out what they really wanted, and created solutions for them.
But using JigsawBox allowed her to package up her coaching and start to TRAIN her clients as well as coach them.
And people are always willing to pay good money for education and finding out HOW to solve their problems.
JigsawBox also allowed her to reach and work with clients on a global level – she was able to reach far more people with her message (so expanded her potential client base considerably) and because her programs were online, she could reach them while she was sleeping too!
But the thing JigsawBox has really given Nicola is the time, money and freedom to do more of the stuff she loves.
For her that’s emigrating (twice!), learning to ski and speak French, and hanging out with her husband and kids.
And she knows you want that freedom too. That’s why she created JigsawBox for you.
Let her story inspire you to go for the bigger story – to keep going- and to find ways to start reaching MORE people with what you do.
Check out JigsawBox here:

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