#CAM10 Summary: Conversations Among Masters

CAM’10 Summary May 12 – 15, 2010, Santa Ana Peublo, New Mexico ~
Nestled in 193,000 acres at the foot of the majestic Sandia Mountains on the sacred ground of the Tamayame tribe of New Mexico, 200 master coaches from around the world convened for four days of frolicking, friendship, and fabulosity at CAM’10: Converations Among Masters 2010.

The event was infused with native tribal symbols, from the blessings for friendship and prosperity we each received with a painted corn necklace, the tribal flute music that opened the conference, the welcome prayer in the native tongue of a member of the Bald Eagle Clan, the tribal decorations, to the peaceful wisdom of the mountain.
It was apparent from the outdoor dinner the first night; this is a gathering of the Who’s Who of the coaching world. Founding members of associations, training programs, authors, researchers and philanthropists milled about, reuniting. Reading nametags was a trip through the hallowed halls of coaching’s best.  Tribe. Inspiration. Wisdom. Connection. Being.  Read more
Incredible experts brought presence, insight, wisdom, and practical knowledge.  Be sure to search twitter and check out this hashtag to see quotes: #CAM10
Brian Johnson, author of the Philosopher’s Notes, taught us to integrate spirituality and capitalism, reminding us that “the world needs demonstration more than it needs instruction”, and when you follow your bliss, you turn discipline into “bliss-ipline”. He spoke about integrity as integration: when what’s best for you is what you most love to do. “The greatest among us are consistent on the fundamentals.”  “Find a stretch zone, not a panic zone.”  He shared this great Buckminster Fuller quote, “If you aren’t living in tension, you aren’t living in integrity.” Read more
Next a surprise conversation starter, Eva Wong, CEO of Top Human, author of Power of Ren, top coach in China, shared her story of her meteoric rise to business success building a coaching empire in China with over 700 staff in 17 offices before being thrown in prison for two years. She learned about freedom while detained, “no one in this world is free until you free yourself”, and encouraged coaches to go to China.  She shared with us the root of the Chinese culture: “The superior man concerns himself with the fundamentals.  Once the fundamentals are established, the proper way (Tao) appears.  When the proper way (Tao) appears, the proper behavior forms.” Read more
Jory Des Jardins, the co-founder of BlogHer with 17 million monthly unique visitors described blogging as curating, speaking of the new skills required to be a community builder and a conduit for conversation, reminding us “its no longer about controlling the conversation” and that consistent relevance is the new competency needed.  “It’s about how you resonate in the world.” She reminded those of us who blog to “allow glimpses of being mortal” and said there’s a new value in being someone who picks out the right stuff to share.  She said there’s been a tipping point and people expect online forms of communication.  “How we’re communicating is not going back.  Everyone now expects interaction.” Read more
The father and son healers and authors of The Fifth Agreement, Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz spoke of Truth, respect, awareness, and attention, reminding us we are all artists and urging us to listen:  “when you learn to listen, you respect” and “respect is the most powerful tool. Respect brings peace.” Mirroring Eva, they reminded us that freedom is not outside our self. “Each moment is what is real, whatever is in your mind is not real.” “What is really The Truth? There is no way to explain it with words, but the truth exists long before the creation of humanity and long after the extinction of humanity. It exists with or without us. It just exists.” “The truth is a shapeshifter according to what you believe in each moment.” We must each “respect the story we create and respect everyone else’s creation” and the conflict in our mind will disappear.  “Thinking is talking in your head, but who is listening?” Read more
The founders of CAM (Bobette Reeder, Donna Steinhorn, and Guy Stickney) presented The Spirit of Leadership Award to the preeminent philanthropist for excellence in coaching, Ruth Ann Harnisch, of the Harnisch Foundation.
Visits to Santa Fe, spa treatments, exploration and conversation during a free afternoon, and many lounged pool-side.
Kathy Buckley, the award-winning actress, author, and self-described deaf comedienne, had us laughing until we cried, and even her comedy routine hit upon the themes of other conversation starters: respect yourself.  “Find the human in the pain” and “Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, not the other person.”
Throughout, masters engaged in conversations with each other on topics of non-profit coaching in action in the world, the role of elders in our profession, credibility, values versus competencies, collaborative opportunities, and the themes that emerged across sessions such as curating, demonstrating, listening within, disciplined practices, freedom, consistency, forgiveness, Truth, respect, awareness and attention.
The food was exquisite, and the wizardry of Guy Stickney left no detail unattended.  The master facilitation of large conversations by Phyllis Haynes was impeccably elegant, and the master of ceremonies was the phenomenally talented Laura Berman Fortgang. The masters are amazing and it was a truly humbling experience to be among this tribe.

CAM Founders Donna, Bobette, and Guy at CAM’10 from Suzi Pomerantz on Vimeo.

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