The Conversation to Be In (For Members Only)

Now, THIS is the conversation to be in!  As the founding vice president of ICCO (International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations) and currently serving on the Advisory Board, I am pleased to announce this inaugural event we are calling the ICCO Lab.  If you are an executive coach, leadership coach, enterprise coach, business coach, corporate coach, or leader in an organization, this is the conversation you will want to engage in.  It is high-level, senior professionals committed to excellence in organizational leadership coming together to discuss trends and best practices for best leveraging coaching to create and sustain leadership excellence in business.  You’ve gotta be there!  Besides, I’m going, and I’d love to see you.  🙂  Of course, you must be a member of ICCO to attend, so if you are interested and are not yet a member of ICCO, you can join here.

The honor of your company is requested at the Inaugural ICCO Lab, created by and for visionaries in all stakeholder groups of organizational coaching.
Be a part of this ICCO ground-breaking event:

This is a gathering of seasoned, experienced professionals who grow people and organizations for a living and a passion, coming together in generative dialogue.

Would you like to tap into the power of collaborative partnerships, and have key players in your industry lining up to help you?

Date: October 22nd, 23rd and morning of the 24th, 2009
Location: San Antonio, Texas (Omni La Mansion Del Rio)
Registration Cost: ****Early bird $395 (register before July 15th, 2009)
– After July 15th – $495

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We know the power of the meeting of minds, perspectives and knowledge in generative dialogue.  This event is for all members, all locations, all stakeholder groups — the first ever event of its kind for ICCO.

What to expect:
•    Generative dialogue
•    Ideas, ways forward
•    Community
•    Collaboration
•    Co-creation
•    Great content
•    Connection
What not to expect:
•    Lectures
•    PowerPoints
•    Being “talked at”
Benefit 1:
Be engaged in collaborative and generative dialogue with key leaders in many areas of practice.
Benefit 2:
An environment where competitiveness is parked at the door and replaced with collaboration; isolation replaced by connection and community; and roadblocks removed and replaced by ideas and ways forward.
Benefit 3:
Turn shared information and best practices into plans of action relevant to you and your organizations.
What you’ll experience by coming… (and what you’ll miss by not):
This event will …
•    Build networks and communities of interest based on your areas of interest and passion
•    Discuss key questions in a World café context
•    Create documentation to serve as the group memory. Use what’s captured to allow the group’s collective work to be shared with others in the room; a framework from which to make further meaning; and a guide for creating an action plan
•    Distill insights, patterns, themes and deeper questions down to their core, table by table, and then broaden those key points in discussion with the whole room
•    Have an Open space setting to connect with members

Our objectives for this event…
•    Develop a point of view on key questions such as “What is the role of measurement in coaching in organizations?”
•    Share data and perspectives through dialog about the present and the future of coaching in organizations?  Is it a growing industry? Shrinking industry?  Morphing industry?
•    Generate ideas about the future of our educational programming for ICCO
•    Walk away with ready-to-implement plans of action around particular issues that members care about for themselves, for their organizations and for ICCO
•    Give and receive coaching that creates coaches and coaches that creates industry….a symbiotic process…organic process
•    Connect, collaborate, percolate and perambulate!
We look forward to sharing this groundbreaking ICCO event with you!

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