On Joblessness


As an executive coach, I’m often hearing from people in my network about the fears and doubts that the current economy is generating (exacerbated of course, by the media’s doom-n-gloom tales of woe and impending Depression).  These challenging times are a great test for us in terms of managing our mindsets.
Joblessness is an opportunity to explore options, advance your learning, and get in touch with what is most meaningful to you. Celebrate joblessness! It gives you time to think, reflect, and soul-search to invent for yourself a truly joyful future — all of which is too hard to do when you are working full time! We must be rigorous in quieting our internal gremlins and fears and ask ourselves during tough times: “What or whom do I need to trust right now?”. Fear and trust cannot co-exist.
Action:  What meaningful pursuits can you engage in while job-hunting?  Perhaps that novel you’ve always wanted to write will now have time to be born?  Perhaps you’ve considered starting a side-business and never had time?  Wanted to spend more time with family?  Spend more time volunteering?  Joblessness needn’t be a doorway to despair and discouragement.  Keep your attitude positive by using this time to your advantage in a way that matches your passion and potential.

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Suzi- I agree with you. Times of joblessness are stressful to be sure, yet they lead to something better- a better, more fulfilling career path, time to reconnect with family, and time to figure out who you are apart from what you do.
That said, it is important to get the support needed to cope with the stress of job loss, especially for primary breadwinners. I encourage all families who are dealing with job loss to reach out for support in their practical and emotional needs. You don’t have to face it alone. Opening to help and encouragement from others can lessen the fear so that you can think clearly about the blessings.
Lynne Klippel

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