Now Is The Leadership Age


We all know about the industrial age and the information age.  Now, we are in The Leadership Age. If you weren’t already convinced that it truly is the Leadership Age, it only takes one look at the movement created by Barack Obama to notice that something recently has shifted in our global need for leadership.  If you listen to Seth Godin, we are all leaders and we just need to identify our tribe and the create the movement that the tribe is waiting for us to lead.  It’s not that simple, of course, nothing ever is, but let’s suppose for a moment that the secrets to leading (as a business coach or as an executive) in the Leadership Age are hidden within the acronym of the name:  A.G.E.  
Previously, I’ve explored the Four A’s of Leadership:  Action, Alignment, Awareness, and Authenticity.  So that takes care of the A.
For G we’ve got the required characteristics of Generosity, Global thinking, Giver’s Gain, being a Go-Giver.
For E, we know already that Excellence, Ethics, Etiquette, Eloquence, and the ability to integrate all of those as you Execute is key!
What will you do and who will you be in this Leadership Age?
What actions and behavioral shifts will allow you to align your actions with the A.G.E. focal points?
What are you passionate about leading?  How will you change your world?

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