An Era of Disruption


One of the side effects of having supported leaders and executives in hundreds of organizations over the last 25 years is that people are always asking me about what trends I’m seeing in C-suites and among executives and leaders.
Here’s the latest: We seem to have shifted into an era of disruption.  Some leaders are intentionally causing disruption in order to grow or innovate or reinvent. Others are struggling to manage the stress and overwhelm that comes with the disruption of their industry, business, or career.
Disruption is the theme, and leaders are relying on coaches to help them navigate the chaos of disruption, whether they find themselves disrupted or are intentionally causing it. So, lately I’m spending a fair amount of time helping folks move through disruption to influence and to recognize the gifts and the opportunities of disruption. If you’re being disrupted or doing the disrupting, either way you’ll want a new level of influence in order to lead yourself, your team, your organization, or your industry through it…let us know if you want support in this area!
You can find resources at my previous post: Leading During Disruption and don’t forget to check out the top 25 books I recommend to leaders!
Are you noticing more disruption in your organization and the people around you? What are you doing as a leader to influence in the face of disruption?

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