Leading During Disruption


Leadership is challenging under the best of circumstances, yet even more so during times of disruption…whether that disruption is intentional or not.
We seem to be in an era of disruption. Every industry is being disrupted by innovations or causing their own disruption for the sake of innovation.
Disruption, innovation, Blue Ocean and VUCA are common terms in boardrooms across the planet.  What does this mean for leaders and their coaches?
It means you get to choose and create a new way of leading and coaching in the face of disruption or in service of innovation.
Do you wish to master the ability to cause intentional neutrality as you navigate the chaotic waters around you?
How can you provide value to your employees and clients who are constantly bombarded with various forms of being disrupted?
Here are three resources that might be helpful to you as you expand your thinking and find ways to support those you serve:

  1.  In The Truth About Your Future, Ric Edelman does a great job of laying out all the various medical and technological advances that are disrupting nearly every industry and reshaping our future.

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2.  You’ve heard of Blue Ocean Strategy, now the authors Renee Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim have released a guide for how you can guide your company or you clients to make that shift into new opportunities for growth.

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3.  And recently, Harvard Business Review released their research report called Breakthrough Innovation in The 21st Century that I highly recommend reading! Here’s just one of the tables showing industry disruption from that study:

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