Addicted to Adrenaline?


Are you one of those executives who is constantly typing on your crackberry (ooops, I mean Blackberry)?  Are you racing from meeting to meeting, call to call, e-mail to e-mail, barely breathing, and certain that nobody understands how busy you are?  Have you been without a vacation for way too long?  Some organizational cultures I coach in are full of adrenaline addicts.  Coffee/caffeine doesn’t help, by the way! Check out this great article by Patrick Lencioni on The Painful Reality of Adrenaline Addiction.
Adrenaline addicts don’t always know that’s the source of their stress. Wonder if you are one?  My buddy Tom Heck created a self test that you can take to see for yourself!
Tom says that adrenaline addiction is a recoverable condition.  His self-test can help you determine your level of addiction and some tips on how to overcome your addiction.

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