Do you know Tom Heck?


Tom Heck PhotoI love informational interviews, don’t you? I just had the pleasure of picking the brain of a gem of a guy named Tom Heck. He has successfully built his business around leveraging the internet by adding real value to his clients and students (nearly 36,000 strong!). I got a taste of that today, as he offered multiple resources to support my quest for learning about ways to integrate the internet with a coaching business. So, why do you care that I spoke to Tom? Because you may want to know about him if you don’t already, especially if you are an executive, leader, or someone who coaches, consults to or trains leaders. He’s the creator of and a program called If you ever have a need for team building games to use in an offsite or meeting, he’s got a free e-book you can download that has 8 team building games you can use right now. Tell him I sent you!

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