Which Influence?


Integrative Rainmaking is what Seal the Deal is all about.  In order to “make rain” or grow your business, you must understand how to integrate the critical elements of business development.  This critical trinity involves taking simultaneous action across three domains at once:  Networking, Marketing, and Sales. That’s the fastest way to get quantum results for your efforts.
Innovative Leadership is what executive coaching is all about.  How can executives and rainmakers bring innovation and authentic presence to their work as leaders?  It’s more than the sweet spot where strategy meets effective execution with a sprinkling of charisma.  It’s about owning your power, listening, and multidimensional integration.
Where innovation and integration meet.
Where authentic leadership and business growth intersect.
Your vote will help me coin the phrase I’m looking for.  Which one is it?  Should it be:
Innovative leadership + integrative rainmaking= innogrative influence
Innovative leadership + integrative rainmaking= integrovative influence
Innovative leadership + integrative rainmaking= intevative influence
something else entirely?
Cast your vote!  Leave your comments below. Let me know which is better, or if you have another idea?

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For whatever it’s worth… I’d recommend using real words in your key phrase as opposed to coined words.
Real words are much more likely to help people find you via search engines, etc.
As such, I vote for option 1.

in – into
from novus to make new, new,
to make into new
from integrāre to renew, restore, to make whole, to render (something) whole
innogrative – doesn’t break down right
intevated – doesn’t break down right
integrovative – almost works inte/grov/tive doesn’t
How about
integranovative? ~ New things made from the whole
Suzi – If you use this I’d love credit or be allowed to use it. I like this one, especially the definition.

Hey Suzi,
Great thought-provoking post. I might go with something like Integrated Leadership as opposed to making up a new word.
Either that or have your own acroynm: The ILIR Method. 😉

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