Sales for Personal Coaches


I love getting reader questions!  One of my readers sent this one in…

Q: I am reading Seal the Deal and the sales piece of the program is a bit confusing to me.  I am a personal life coach and work with individuals (specifically women) in the areas of weight loss, self-confidence, and living fearlessly.  In the book you talk about making calls and setting up sales meetings, which I can make sense of when it comes to corporate/executive coaching, what does that look like for a personal life coach? Is a sales meeting when someone calls and asks about my services?

A: Thanks so much for asking! The sales meeting is what happens after someone asks about your services. They’ll ask or express interest, then you’ll suggest a time and date to meet to further explore the possibility of coaching them. That, then, is the sales meeting.  It is a meeting for the purpose of exchanging information about a potential business arrangement, a deal, or an equal exchange of value.  It is different and distinct from a networking meeting, which can be about a whole universe of subjects.  If someone is considering hiring you as a life coach and is seeking information specifically about you and your services, if you are seeking to determine if they are a qualified candidate for coaching and a good match for you, and if you make a specific offer and request, it is then a sales meeting. Hope that helps!

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