Magic Pill of Sales


Don’t you wish you could take a magic pill that would get you all the sales results you want and more?  I can’t give you a pill, but there’s magic in this P.I.L.L. —
P- Passion.  What are you passionate about doing?
I-  Inspiration.  What inspires you?
L-  Love.  What do you love?  What feels easy to you?  What gives you energy?
L-  Learning.  What gives you access to continual learning and growth?
If you align your actions and mindsets with the magic PILL above and integrate activity in all three aspects of the “critical trinity” of Networking, Marketing, and Sales, you’ll see a quantum leap in your business development results and you’ll authentically and effortlessly seal the deal.  I promise!  😀

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Walter Paul Bebirian

Well I don’t think that anyone really needs any more than these elements that you have stated above because with them being used as a guideline – there is no end to the growth and achoevement that can be accomplished – excellent content and presentation – thank you!

what if the answers to all of the above involve beer? 😛

I wouldn’t recommend mixing alcohol with pills. 😀
Seriously, perhaps there’s a career change in your future? Something beer-related?

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