New Leadership Book is Antidote to Sequestration Blues!

Author and leadership coach Steve Gladis has done it again!  The man is a business fable writing machine.  Here’s the review I wrote about it on Amazon:

In his most recent book, Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work, Dr. Steve Gladis uses the latest research about positivity and happiness to hand you the golden keys to being an effective leader, then he applies that research in a leadership tale that shows you how you can create a workplace where people thrive. Positivity influences and leaders influence, and if you want to be as influential a leader as possible, you must apply Dr. Gladis’ messages and become a Positive Leader. Positive Leadership is a mantra that all leaders should adopt….not just for their own sakes but for the company and community in which they live. Steve Gladis has collected the research from major positive psychologists and applied their findings to leadership in a compelling, concise and clear way, even including valuable information on neuroscience and kindness! Some of his findings from key researchers in the field like the 50-10-40 formula for happiness and the happiness ratios of 3:1 and 5:1…are useful and attention getting. Gladis helps take us from smiley-face happiness, what he would call a mood, to the required mindsets for positivity as a leadership tool. Read this book and pass it on to someone you care about.”
I’m attaching a flyer about a new program Dr. Gladis is starting to get the word out on Positive Leadership to make it reasonable for companies and agencies to experience. Normally, his presentations are $5,500 for in-town keynotes. As you’ll see from the flyer, the rate, with the purchase of Positive Leadership for groups, is much reduced for the launch of the book—but only for the remainder of 2013.
Positive Leadership Flyer FINAL

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