The Top 10 Most Common Reasons Senior Leaders Hire Executive Coaches

  1. Identify, design, and implement with ease the leadership conversations that may currently be missing.
  2. Increase your leadership awareness so that you can navigate the political landscape in your organization most effectively.
  3. Identify and eliminate self-imposed stressors so that you can get out of your own way and make things happen.
  4. Find clarity within chaos.
  5. Increase your results, recognition, and rewards.
  6. Create, increase, or leverage innovation, impact, legacy, and influence.
  7. Strategically manage your boss or the Board.
  8. Influence:  Get things done through people who don’t report to you.
  9. Communicate for alignment across the organization.
  10. Motivate and engage others through effective collaboration.

Harvard Business Review and Korn Ferry show it a bit differently, but it all aligns with the top ten list above.
From HBR:

From Korn Ferry:

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Wow, I like the idea that I’ll be able to increase my leadership awareness if I hire someone to coach me as a startup CEO. I think having someone help me identify and eliminate my self-imposed stressors would really help me a lot with connecting to my business positively. If they can help me find clarity within the chaos as well, I know I’ll be an effective leader that my subordinates can look up to so I’ll consider hiring someone.

Thanks, Angela! I’m happy to speak with you to explore what type of coach might serve you best. I’ll email you directly to schedule a time to discuss.

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