Hacking Lesson for Executive Coaches


Guess what happens when your site is hacked and your team does a great job of repairing and reloading your website? Apparently the technology hiccups or burps, causing your system to send anyone who subscribes to your feed a couple of random old, outdated emails from your blog. Weird, right? If you’re one of my blog feed subscribers…im so sorry! We value your time and your inbox and apologize for the weirdness.
Lesson Learned?
If you, like me, only update your WordPress site infrequently, or when the site tells you you must, you may be a target for hackers. The solution is to have someone regularly (monthly or weekly) perform any theme or plugin updates. Apparently hackers look for sites that aren’t updated enough. Hopefully you will benefit from my hacking experience and it won’t happen to you!

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