Align your team with daily huddles


If you lead a team or company, and are not already using the daily huddle to create alignment and focused results, this post at Forbes gives you five great strategies for how to hold a productive and successful daily huddle!

The bottom line of each is listed here for you, but I recommend reading the entire post for the full picture.

  1. The daily huddle needs to be set and guided by she or he who sets the tone for everything else, and that means the boss.
  2. Focus on just those specific, actionable goals that are going to get your team over the scoring line and on the road to success with a specific project or deliverable.
  3. Use tools that instantly alert team members to what’s happening with the company, which projects are critical, who owns deliverables, and what expected completion dates are without wasting time on extraneous details.
  4. The huddle is strictly to keep the team focused on the most important tasks and priorities at hand for the day.
  5. Figure out optimal timing of the length of huddle each day and stick to it. Try to keep it less than 20 minutes! Longer than that is not a huddle, it’s a full meeting.

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