Leadership and Social Media by the Numbers

It’s been said that 90% of leadership success is about showing up.
If you are not engaged online with a strategic social media presence, are you showing up?
That was one of the key messages from Steve Dorfman, Chief Impeccability Officer of Driven to Excel and host of the television show We Mean Business.  Steve spoke at the Reston Leadership Breakfast on the Friday morning before Memorial Day to a packed house at the law offices of Cooley Godward.
He made some funny comparisons of the various social media platforms to popular television shows, comparing LinkedIn to The Apprentice (it’s about professional connections), Facebook to Cheers (where everybody knows your name), and Twitter to Seinfeld (a show about nothing).
But by far the most impactful point made was when he talked about the numbers.
300,000 = the number of new  Twitter users EACH DAY!
400,000,000+ = the number of Facebook users
60,000 = the number of people you are 2 degrees from, on LinkedIn, with only 250 connections
70% = the number of Facebook users outside of the United States
2,000,000,000 = the number of YouTube Videos viewed EACH DAY
24 Hours of Video is uploaded to YouTube each MINUTE
35+ Fastest Growing Age Group on Facebook and Twitter
What’s your reaction to these numbers and what does this mean for you as a leader with regards to showing up?

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Somewhat overwhelming, however, I find this THE most impactful point: “35+ Fastest Growing Age Group on Facebook and Twitter” WOW…
Thanks for sharing

Thanks, Elta! Yeah…it’s not just for the kids, is it? Social media is changing the way business communication happens. It can be overwhelming, I agree…and I find that returning to a clear strategy helps diminish the overwhelm. Even though I love connecting with people online, sometimes I just want to hide because it can be too much.

Hi Suzi, same here. I find that I sometimes can get completely carried away but I loved the reminder about clear strategy – mine includes a commiment to give and take permission to go underground.

I love that! Adding value, contributing, making a difference, and permission to hide when that can provide recovery for you to restore the battery. 🙂 Mind if I borrow that strategy?

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