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If you are not in your twenties, the whole social media craze may be a mystery to you.  I hear time and again from professionals who think Facebook, in particular, is for their kids and not for their business.  Let’s re-think that!
First of all, according to HubSpot, there are over 120 million ACTIVE users, and 250,000 new users sign up each day for Facebook.  Of all the websites out there, it is the 4th most trafficked.  And, if you think it’s just for the teens, the fact is that over half of the users are post-college.  If you are not getting involved on Facebook, you may be missing a huge target market for your work, not to mention the fun of reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones!
How to start?  Here’s a great webinar (video plus presentation slides in pdf) from the fabulous folks at HubSpot called How to Use Facebook For Business.  The agenda they cover is below.
Once you’re on Facebook, you can play with me there a few ways:
1.  Become a Fan of my company
2.  Friend Me at my personal profile
3.  Become a Fan of my book

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Thanks! Glad you liked the webinar.

You and Ellie were great! Thanks for all the great info. I’m a fan of HubSpot!

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