BOOK REVIEW: Twitter Power

The joy of reading Joel Comm’s book, Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time started for me from the foreward by Anthony Robbins, and expanded in the very first pages of the introduction.  Joel has a way of summing up and articulating the very points I’ve taught coaches about why Twitter is an ideal and very valuable tool.  As Tony Robbins says, “Joel teaches us how we can use technology not just to correspond, but to connect.  He shows us how the Internet can give us the freedom to experience the depth of relationships and how it can help us achieve and sustain an extraordinary quality of life — a life of meaning.”

Joel isn’t just a Twitter addict harping on the merits of a fad tool.  He explains why Twitter is most powerful when used in conjunction with other social media tools.  Most importantly, I love that he says, “The goal of using Twitter is to build relationships.”  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Joel’s book is full of practical and very specific tips, tools, examples, strategies, and how-to instruction about the benefits and uses of Twitter, from how to start your account to how to leverage it for full business results benefits. It’s amazing how comprehensive and thorough this book is.  It’s detailed specifics with a sprinkling of strategic wisdom thrown in.  He even tells you the secrets of what mistakes to avoid during the sign up process and how to maximize the limits of your profile and bio!  If you’re new to Twitter, it’s perfect and if you’re prone to overwhelm, this book allows you to break it down into bite-sized steps, helping you think through and analyze all the elements of getting set up and going.  I like how he tells you the things that aren’t obvious, like how to set up your profile background so that you have something of interest in that space to the left of your tweetstream.  He also gives some fun tools, too, like how to find all sorts of famous folks who Twitter, in case you want to follow celebrities, he recommends  He does get into the marketing aspects of Twitter and how to build a following, but what I like about his approach is that it is genuine and transparent…he’s not about gimmicks or “get followed quick” schemes.  Just straight up common sense from someone who knows the Twittersphere.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a very detailed step by step analysis of what and how to do Twitter.  It is a great companion tool for coaches who use my Get Going Now Quick Start Twitter Tutorial program!

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Loved this book too!
Was so excited when I saw it in Borders…well positioned, I might add.
Recommend this to my network, too.
We’re in Twitter-Love!

Thanks, Flo! 🙂 I can’t help but be effusive about the power of Twitter, and I’m delighted to find other like-minded souls like yourself!

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