The Library of Professional Coaching Needs Your Help

2011 is bringing enormous changes to the Library of Professional Coaching (LPC), and new opportunities for YOU! Please share with us your reactions to the news below, and please feel free to forward this note on to whomever you think would appreciate the chance to participate with the Library of Professional Coaching either as a reader, content contributor, or advertising sponsor.
1.     As a result of independent research we’ve conducted, we are planning to make the library available to the public with NO SUBSCRIBER FEES! Those who come to our website will no longer need to join for a day, a month, or a year to access the entire collection. As someone wanting to access material from our library, you will no longer need to sign up and enter a lot of data about yourself before you can grab a few articles. You will be able to have it all for free — no catch! Tell all your friends!  Also, if you have written high-caliber articles that fit in the categories of the Library, your articles will gain much more exposure with these new changes, so consider submitting your relevant articles to the Library now.
2.     In order to build and sustain this FREE LIBRARY we are moving to a sponsor-based model. As is now the case with many popular websites, we are recruiting sponsors who will be able to place their logos, as well as information about their services/resources and links to their own website on the highly optimized Library website. Furthermore, these sponsor placements will be targeted to specific categories of the library that are directly relevant to the services/resources being offered by the sponsor. We believe that this targeting of sponsor visibility, coupled with the popularity of the Library (often as many as 1,000 hits per day), will make sponsorship an attractive offer for many individuals and organizations that are associated with the field of professional coaching.
3.      We have a growing collection of articles and books in the Library. We currently have over 185 articles in 29 categories, and two full books: Men of Autumn, and Seal the Deal! We are adding new content all the time, so if you haven’t been by lately, come on in and check it out.
The full collection will now be MUCH easier to access. We’ve heard your requests to simplify, and soon you will be able to find, read, and download the articles with minimal clicks and no data entry!
In order to be able to make these major changes, we will be moving the entire library to a new platform, since the current platform will not support these changes. This is why we need your help!
We will need financial assistance to support these changes. As you know, the Library has been a labor of love that we have personally been financing for the last 3 years.  We are at a critical decision-point, and if the Library is to flourish in the near future with the exciting changes mentioned here, financial capital is required.  We need to raise $2000 by July 1 in order to make these key changes.  Will you be a founding sponsor? Do you know of anyone who would like the extra exposure for their organization or program? Details are below.

Sponsorship Opportunity

To support the operating costs of the Library itself, we are offering the following sponsorship rates to individuals and organizations that want to take advantage of and leverage the visibility of our fabulously search-engine-optimized site. You’ll get lots of exposure targeted to the categories that are most directly linked to your specific area of expertise and interest.
Just pick one of the four advertising sponsorships aligned with the 29 categories of the Library’s content. The breakdown is below, and we’d be happy to customize an alternative solution for you if none of these appeal to you or your organization:
Category Sponsorship Options:
Silver – your logo ad on one category of your choice for up to 3 months:   $75
Gold – your logo ad on one category of your choice for up to 6 months: $125
Platinum – your logo ad on one category of your choice for up to 1year: $200
Diamond – your logo ad on the home page and also on up to four category pages for 1 year:   $800
Angel – you want to support the Library for any amount without an ad and link
You can see our sponsors featured here: and we’d love to put you up in lights, too!  Please use the attached form to indicate your sponsorship interest.
Together we can make the Library of Professional Coaching the best online collection of high caliber content about our industry. Thank you for being a Friend of the Library!
Thank you,
Bill Bergquist and Suzi Pomerantz
Founders of the Library of Professional Coaching
Category Sponsorship Form:  Please choose the level you prefer:
(Please return this form via email to owners{at}
________Silver – your logo ad on one category of your choice for up to 3
months:   $75
________Gold – your logo ad on one category of your choice for up to   6
months: $125
________Platinum – your logo ad on one category of your choice for up to 1
year: $200
________Diamond Sponsor: your logo ad on the home page and also on up to
four category pages for 1 year:   $800
________Angel Sponsor:  I don’t need a logo ad, I simply believe in the library and want to see it succeed, so I’m giving a gift to the Library:  $__________
To pay by PayPal, please use the Library’s PayPal address — send money to:  news{at}
Please email your logo/ad to  owner{at}
Please provide the URL we should link your logo/ad to:___________________________

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We are so grateful for the wonderful sponsors and angels who have demonstrated their support for, and enthusiasm about the Library! THANK YOU! To date we have raised $1175 towards our goal of $2000 through the generosity of the leaders of the coaching community. We’re almost there! We are excited to make the changes to the Library that will make it a much more valuable and more easily accessible resource for the coaching world. On behalf of both Bill and I, THANK YOU!

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