The Bad News About Buying Stuff Online

Ever buy anything online? If you shop for anything online and don’t get money back for doing so, you’re missing out on a great opportunity!  Introducing the launch of Blastoff!, a new online shopping mall that gives you discounts and money back on over 400 major retailers.
The is a website that provides online shoppers value and financial rewards during an economic time when they need it most…especially in gearing up for the holidays!
By signing up through, you can take advantage of the Blastoff Network’s unique, online shopping mall.  Members who join the FREE network will get discounts from more than 400 major retailers and can earn money through purchases made by other members in their social network who have signed up for the program and made purchases.
You also get a fully customizable homepage featuring access to social networking, news, videos, music, games, etc.
Innovative Leadership International LLC is pleased to be among the early promoters of the BlastOff network because it’s a no-brainer.  It is free and easy to sign up, and there’s no downside…you and your network get to save money and make money by just doing what you already do online in terms of purchases you already make.  When you order through the Blastoff site, you’ll earn money in your Blastoff Network account, and by using the site’s social media capabilities, you can refer a friend and earn additional money through their purchases as well.
To get started earning money and getting discounts when you shop online, log onto to open your free account.

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