Awarded Gold Coach Designation for Client Results and Satisfaction


Whether you are a leader or a coach, if you don’t already know about Association for Coaching Excellence, I recommend you check it out.  The ACE fills the market need of quantifying coaching results and satisfaction as a way of rating a coach’s performance. This is especially important in the current era of commoditization of coaching services as well as the expanding glut in the marketplace of untrained, uncertified entrepreneurs calling themselves coaches.  It provides a validated and credible resource for executives and leaders seeking coaches to assess potential hires based on past client results and satisfaction, rather than the coach’s marketing materials.  It provides coaches of excellence a third-party method for differentiating yourself from the herd.  As the numbers of coaches worldwide reaches into the hundreds of thousands, and as the coaching industry passes the landmark of $3Billion annually, the need to demonstrate proven results becomes more important than ever.
To that end, I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded the Gold Coach Designation at ACE, and I’m grateful to the clients who have recommended me based on the results they were able to achieve during our work together.
** UPDATE 6/28/18** I am pleased to share that I have been awarded the Platinum Coach Designation at ACE, which is the highest awarded.

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