A Twitter Tutorial for Business Leaders and Coaches

Press Release 10-31-09
(Germantown, MD) – How much do you know about Twitter? If you’re a business coach who works with leaders, or a leader yourself and the answer is “not much,” it’s time to get educated.
According to Suzi Pomerantz, a Washington, D.C., based award-winning executive coach and author who helps leaders at the intersection of leadership and business development, the use of Twitter is a necessity for success in business these days. “It is critical that businesses have a presence on social media because that is where their competitors and customers are, and Twitter is the biggest player in the game,” she said.
For those unfamiliar with Twitter, it is a free service that serves as the ultimate networking vehicle, giving users the ability to instantly connect with 44 million people all around the world whom they otherwise would never meet. Pomerantz first started experimenting with the new social media phenomenon just one year ago and considers her experiment a huge success.
“I have already managed to grow a following of over 7,000 people. Just think about it. That’s 7,000 people who now know me, know my stuff, know my brand and know my material that otherwise wouldn’t.  I don’t know where else in life you can build a network that quickly in real time.”
Not only has her Twitter network helped bring in new clients, it has led to opportunities Pomerantz never imagined she’d have. “Through Twitter I’ve been invited to appear on three different radio shows, been hired for speaking engagements by groups I probably wouldn’t have reached out to on my own, and generated thousands of dollars in unexpected revenue,” she said.
So how can your business mimic her success? By following her example. “As I shared my success on Twitter with more and more people, I came to realize I had knowledge that would be very useful for other business coaches and leaders,” she said.
So, Pomerantz developed The Key to Connecting in Any Economy is Twitter. An audio mp3 download and pdf of the PowerPoint presentation from the telecast is now available through her website.
After teaching participants the basics – what twitter is and how it works – Pomerantz spends the next hour revealing the hidden secrets business leaders need in their tool box to make Twitter to work for them. Among them:

  • How to follow people
  • How to send tweets
  • How to dm
  • How to @reply
  • How to RT
  • What to tweet
  • Strategies for building a follower base

In the telecast, Pomerantz also reveals where to find applications that will allow businesses to use Twitter most effectively and efficiently. “There are some great apps out there and most of them are available free of charge,” she said.
Among the tools Pomerantz likes best, one that allows users to automatically follow and unfollow people; another that allows users to send out links with shortened URLs so they have room in a tweet to add a message; and another that automatically sends out scheduled tweets even when the sender is not at their computer.
“If you look at how much time and productivity is lost trying to learn Twitter, you’ll see the value of the telecast. You can learn in one hour what would otherwise take days to figure out,” said Pomerantz.
To sign up for The Key to Connecting in Any Economy is Twitter, click on “Twitter for Coaches” at the top of this page.

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