Business Coaching — the One Big Question

The one big question that interests me the most is your question. I’m hoping you’ll share it with me here:
When it comes to business/executive coaching, what is on your mind right now? What is your single most pressing issue? What untapped opportunity or unknown territory are you most intrigued about? What business challenges do you personally face? Where should our profession be focused right now?
Ram Charan, in the Harvard Business Review in January of 2009 said of coaching that, “the industry badly needs a leader who can define the profession”, so what questions do you have about defining and stewarding the profession of business coaching?
My goal is to pool the questions that matter most to business coaches today, and launch a collaborative conversation about the hottest issues.
It will take you just moments to click the link and type in your question.
Please help me tap “the wisdom of crowds” by adding your voice to this new conversation.
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Here’s that link again: