Use Narrative Coaching to become a TRULY Transformative Coach or Leader


I first met Dr. David Drake and his brilliant Narrative Coaching model back in the summer of 2006 at the very first ICCO Symposium ever held. Since then, he’s deepened his model and is now bringing it to coaches around the world.  You can now learn it for FREE…
WBECS — the world’s biggest online summit for Business and Executive coaches — has partnered with Dr. David Drake to bring the global coaching community a transformative new program called Narrative Coach.
To tell you the truth, I could not be more excited!  If you heard his talk at this summer’s ICF Converge, you’ll know how powerful his model is!
Today, registration has opened for his 90-minute workshop called “Discover the Last Mile Technique” and I hope you’ll join me for this powerful session!
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In this no-cost immersion experience, David Drake is going to offer you deep insights into a more holistic, experiential coaching process that you can use to uncover, understand and change what truly drives human behavior.
He will walk you through a powerful process that you can use for yourself and your clients to shift from reactive to proactive states when triggered. And, he will reveal his Rewind Process that will help you to achieve more meaningful results with your clients faster — by covering the “last mile” in getting from an ‘aha’ to an aspiration to a meaningful action.
If you resonate with the idea that – while humans are complex – coaching doesn’t have to be, I think you’re going to love this workshop as much as I will!
I’m convinced that this session will impact your coaching career in a big way and I hope that you’ll join me for the journey by clicking the link below:
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Get ready to rethink what coaching is all about!

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