Top Twelve Books on Leadership

I had a coaching client recently ask me to list my top ten recommendations for books about executive coaching.  I did, and posted it HERE.  But that got me thinking!  Here’s my list of the top twelve books on Leadership and when I get my act together I’ll post top ten (or twelve) lists for books on networking, marketing, and sales as well!

  1. Primal Leadership (Daniel Goleman)
  2. Legacy Leadership (Jeannine Sandstrom, Lee Smith)
  3. The DNA of Leadership (Judith Glaser)
  4. Leading From the Inside Out (Virginia Bianco-Mathis, Cynthia Roman, Lisa Nabors)
  5. Leadership is an Art (Max DePree)
  6. Principle-Centered Leadership (Stephen R. Covey)
  7. Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change (Ed Oakley, Doug Krug)
  8. Secrets of a CEO Coach (D.A. Benton)
  9. The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success (Scott Eblin)
  10. Resilient Leadership (Bob Duggan, Jim Moyer)
  11. An Attitude of Excellence (Willie Jolley)
  12. The Transparent Leader (Steve Gladis)

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Lou Chrostowski suggested adding “Immunity to Change” and “Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart” (which I have listed on my Top Ten Books on Business Coaching already (
Meredith Kimbell wants to add “Leadership without Easy Answers” (Ronald Heifetz)
Thanks! What else?

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