Leading Coaches Center Call Features Josh Frey on Adding Revenue Streams to Your Business

On the latest Leading Coaches’ Center community mastermind call, we had a real treat with the brilliant entrepreneur, Josh Frey (Swag Coach).  He shared a ton of resources, and expanded our thinking to look at ways to collaborate and make connections that add revenue streams to our businesses.  Here’s the recording of the super-resource packed call with Josh Frey, in case you were not able to join us! http://leadingcoachescenter.com/clubhouse/mastermind-live/recording-of-josh-frey-swag-coach-on-adding-revenue-streams-to-your-business-through-partnering
Here are a few notes from Josh’s call with us:

Figure out parts of business I like and outsource the rest. Today my business is completely outsourced…
Focus on parts of business you enjoy…then add to the business. My business is a product business, so it’s transactional. We’ve taken it from luxury item to supply item and in the process added revenue streams…
ask your clients what other things they are buying and then partner with a company who can provide that
Think about how to build collaborative connections for your clients to serve their needs beyond coaching…for example in a culture conversation, if they are thinking of creating a reward system, or a welcome program, they might want to buy corporate promotional products branded for their company. You could partner with Josh’s company to direct clients there and generate revenues that way…
Best practices for staying top of mind with prospects and clients. Send article of interest relevant to their industry. hook them up with resources outside of what we do in our own services. I’m happy to tap my network to help you in whatever you’re looking for. Know the pain points of your client and find ways to help.
Sales is so much about understanding the buyer and understanding what conversations to engage in
Vetting process: partner with people who you know who are best in class. Your most important asset is your relationship to your client! Don’t screw it up by referring somebody who sucks.
Think a little bit outside the box. You gotta understand your buyer. partner with people who have a good reputation with a good demographic and make selective strategic alliance decisions.
understand business model, process, how to do strategic alliance, find a mentor or someone who’s done it and can walk you through how to do it
I’ve chosen an outsourced business model because I don’t like the hassle of dealing with employees..I like to partner with and work with best in class consultants or strategic alliance partners I can learn from and we can collaborate to get things done. More fun!
We use LinkedIn a ton. It’s not just about connecting with people, it’s about seeing who they are connected to and then asking about those connections. Share best practices with same buyer if in non-competitive businesses.

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