Leadership is About Powerful Partnerships

Your ability to influence others (aka. leadership), depends on the strength of your relationships. The better you are at connecting with people, communicating your ideas and listening to others, the more effective you can be as a leader and the less effort it takes to manifest your vision.

Most relationships start with the hope and expectation that things will go well, that you and another person will connect and be able to contribute to each others’ success in the achievement of each of your goals.

One of the most critical moments in any relationship is the first time something goes wrong. A misunderstanding, an unmet expectation, something that gives you pause, which, if unresolved, may force you to re-examine your original assessment of the other person — often in a downward direction. How you handle the situation will often determine the future of the relationship. If handled badly or not handled at all, it will mark the beginning of the end. If handled effectively, it may bring you closer to the other person and lead to greater understanding and a greater level of respect for their boundaries and yours.

My former coach, who is now my friend and colleague, Dr. Jim Goldstein is an expert in creating Powerful Partnerships. He has developed a program that enables you to quickly recover from that first “glitch” mentioned above so that you and the other person end up spending a lot more time on the same team and a lot less time at odds with each other.

While the emphasis of his Powerful Partnershipstm 8-week teleseminar is on couples in a committed relationships, the principles apply equally well with friends, colleagues, employees, and families and about half the people in the course take it without a partner. Jim’s presentation is insightful and humorous and his perspective on creating great relationships in every area of your life is unique.

Jim has had a profound impact on both my business and my marriage; I’ve learned a tremendous amount from him over the years so I just had to share this news with you and I invite you to check out his upcoming teleseminar starting on

October 1, 2009 at 5 Pacific Time / 8 PM Eastern Time:

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