Forget ‘Good to Great’ – Have You Found Your Great Work?

Do you know UberCoach Michael Bungay Stanier?  He’s a genius. And fun.  And humble. And super creative. His latest book,
Do More Great Work: Stop the busywork and start the work that matters – will be released on Monday, February 22nd.  THAT’S SOON! =>
It’s got an additional five new ‘maps’ from the first edition, together with original material from the likes of Seth Godin, Dave Ulrich, Chris Guillebeau and more.
Check out this cool video about it…

The good news is that you can pre-order your copy now and make the most of the pre-publication sale price. What’s already a good price – $10.95 – is currently a ridiculously good price, unless they’ve changed it again: $8.60 on
For less than nine bucks you’ll get
– 15 practical exercises on how to find, start and sustain your Great Work
– Exclusive new content from seven big thinke rs: Seth Godin (possibly best blogger in the world), Chris Guillebeau (champion for the art of nonconformity), Michael Port (leader of the Think Big Revolution), Dave Ulrich (HRguru), Tim Hurson (innovation whiz), Leo Babauta (Zen Habits) and Penelope Trunk (leader of Brazen Careerist).
– Four practical coaching tips
– Access to downloads and other tools to help you do more Great Work on the new Do More Great Work website.
You’ll find it’s a fun, fast, practical read with tools and insights you can use right away.
($8.60. Even $10.95.  I reckon in the big scheme of things that’s a real bargain.)
PLUS you’ll get cool bonus gifts:
Here’s how to pick up your very own Do More Great Work Pre-Launch Combo Bonus Extravaganza.
Here’s the simple three step process.
1. Buy a book from your favorite online store
2. Send your receipt to
3. Michael will send you his eBook Be Courageous for free. It’s got six practical exercises and three worksheets on how to recapture your mojo when you lose it (and we all lose it from time to time). Add that to the 15 exercises in DMGW and guest contributions from people like Seth Godin and Chris Guillebeau, and you’re on to something good.
Currently DMGW is less than $9 on Michael sells the ebook for $24.95. So you can see how great the Do More Great Work Pre-Launch Combo Bonus Extravaganza really is.

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What a fun little video to introduce it. Sounds like a great tool (especially since YOU recommend it;) )
Thanks! ~Steve

Thanks, Steve! 🙂 Michael’s work is wonderful. I’m a huge fan. If you like this video of his, you’ll love his Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun!

Just got my copy shipped to me yesterday – already getting some fresh insights from it!

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